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The front walkover was invented by Ellayna Mackenzie Jones when she was six years old. She was trying to do a handstand and flipped over. It was originally named the handstand flip, but when Ellayna told the gymnastic experts about the name she came up with, they thought the name should be improved. It was officially named the "front walkover" and the country approved of it in 1934.

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Ellayna Mackenzie Jones invented the back walkover in 1934 .

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Q: Who invented the front walkover and when was it made?
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What is the difference between a front walkover and a front limber?

A front limber is hand stand that falls to a bridge. After the bridge is complete you stand up from two feet. A front walk over is all one fluid movement. The only leg that hits the ground is the leg opposite of the leg you start out standing on. When you land a front walkover your "bad" leg should be on the ground and your "good" leg (or favorite) should be in the air at 90 degree angle.

What stretches do you need to do to be flexible enough for a walkover?

You don't necessarily need to be flexible for a walkover. For a front walkover you want to have a solid handstand bridge come up and good stomach muscles. For a balk walkover you want to have a good handstand bride kick over and flexible shoulders. It would help if you had one of your splits to make it look nicer:)

What is easier a front walkover or a back walkover?

A back kick over(same as back-bend kick over) is where you go into a bridge (all 4 limbs on the ground) then pick one leg up and kick over. A back WALK over is a continuous motion from a stand where only 3 of you limbs ever touch the ground at the same time. I hope that helped!

How do you know if you are good enough to be a level 3 gymnast?

You should be able to do skills like a round off backhandspring, back walkover , front walkover and more you should be fast , flexible, agile

When was Walkover - film - created?

Walkover - film - was created in 1965.

What is the duration of Walkover film?

The duration of Walkover - film - is 1.17 hours.

Do you need to know how to do a front walkover to do a front flip?

it is debatable but i think it would probably make it easier even though they are two completely different things.

Is a front Ariel harder to learn then a side Ariel?

Yes definitley! Just think of it like this, i front aerial is practically a forwards walkover with no hands and a side aerial is a cartwheel with no hands. A cartwheel is much easier than a walkover and is one of the first moves you learn in gymnastics training, so therefore i definitley say that a side aerial is alot easier that a front aerial.

Should both feet land at once while landing a front walkover?

It doesn't really matter, but usually not because its not a front flip, so you don't really jump.

What is robot rage walkover?

A walkover occurs when the opponent surrenders or the opponent looses connection with robot rage server.

What does flexibility have to do with gymastics?

Flexibility has to do with gymnastics a great deal for example a front walkover you need back flexibility and leg flexibility just for one simple skill.

How do you do a front walkover?

you strand straight up and just flip over its easy as 123! but make sure you don't land on your back you should land on your fett and continue