Who invented the first figure skate?

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2010-02-03 18:09:30

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Jackin Hanins

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2010-02-03 18:09:30
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Q: Who invented the first figure skate?
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Who invented the Figure skate?

Jackson a figure skater, this is the RIGHT answer!He is mostly known as "The Father of Figure Skating."

What is the difference between knowing how to figure skate and learning how to figure skate?

You can know how to figure skate and still be learning how to figure skate. the answer to your question really depends on who you ask. I know how to figure skate but I am still learning.

What were the first pair of figure skating boots like?

These are skate boots

Can you figure skate on frozen jello?

No, you can't figure skate on frozen jello.

What came first skate boarding or snow boarding?

Skate Boarding was invented before Snow Boarding.

Did boys or girls just figure skate?

Both boys and girls can figure skate

Can you be chubby to figure skate?

You can be any size to skate.

What is the difference between recreational skates and figure skates?

The recreational skate is not designed for the speeds that the figure skate is. It is a "crossover" between the figure skate and the hockey skate. It is not designed to be as precise in turnings and stops as the figure skate. However, if you do not wish to invest in figure skates for the novice (just in case it's another whim) recreational skates are a good option. The novice learns to skate and has fun without the expense of the professional skate.

Can you attach figure skate blades to hockey skate boots?


Does Stacy London figure skate?


When were the figure skating uniforms invented?

they were invented when the people back in the days first started to relize that the ice would be a good thing for sports like hockey,ice skating(etc). Figure skaters usually ice skate and while they ice skate they do a type of performance to win prizes they join compotitions and compete against other people around the world. Figure skating uniforms were created by first making normal clothing wear but people added a little more style into it and after a couple of years of learning style they created many different types of these figure skating uniforms.

Why do you figure skate?

Some people figure skate because they enjoy it and some people both enjoy figure skating and it helps lose various amounts of weight.

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