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My Brother George Terry did in Redding Ca, 1965 on his bike

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Q: Who invented the first Motocross bike?
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How was Motocross invented?

Motocross was invented by edmann wilkison as a game to show off the dirt bike skills

Who invented the first backflip?

In 2000, Carey Hart attempted the first ever backflip on a full size motocross bike

Is a yz426f a trail bike or a motocross bike?

The YZ is a motocross bike, the trail or woods bike is a WR426.

What is the difference between a motocross bike and an off-road bike?

motocross bike is a off road bike

When was freestyle motocross first invented?

FMX wasn't invented. it evolved Freestyle motocross evolved from motocross at an event in 1924. called scrambles

Is the cr250 motocross?

A cr250 is a motocross bike

Dirt bike facts?

In 1885, Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach invented the predecessor of dirt bikes. These bikes are used in motocross racing events, The first motocross competitions were held in Britain in the 1930's,

In what country was Motocross invented?

Motocross was invented in Europe.

Who invented the first quadbike?

how invented the quad bike how invented the quad bike how invented the quad bike

In Maine are you supposed to have a driver's license to drive a dirt bike?

By dirt bike do you mean and enduro bike or a motocross bike or some other bike at all? For any bike except motocross bike you definitely need license, and for motocross bike you don't, because you can't ride it on the streets at all... You can only use it in motocross tracks and for that you need to have a special permit...

How is motocross played?

First of all, you can't play motocross, you race motocross. Motocross is the outdoor version of dirt bike racing. Supercross is indoor. Professional motocross racers race for 30 minutes plus 2 laps.

How can you become a motocross bike enthusiast?

Become enthusiastic about motocross bikes.

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