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Henry Burris

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2009-11-07 23:32:44
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Q: Who in the CFL quarterbacks holds the record with the Saskatchewan Roughriders for the most yards rushing in a single game in regular season games?
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Which Quarterbacks have 2500 yards rushing and 25000 yards passing?

Quarterbacks with 25000 pass yards

Who holds the single season rushing records for NFL quarterbacks?

Michael Vick rushed for 1039 yards in the 2006 season to set the single season rushing record for quarterbacks.

What Super Bowl quarterbacks have scored rushing touchdowns?

fran tarkington

What is the single game quarterback rushing record in yards and TDs?

Michael Vick of the Atlanta Falcons holds the NFL Quarterback single game rushing record with 173 yards from 10 attempts during a 2002 game vs the Vikings. Nealon Greene of the Edmonton Eskimos holds the CFL Quarterback single game rushing record with 180 yards in 14 carries versus the Saskatchewan Roughriders on July 19, 1999.

Who holds the ncaa rushing touchdown record for quarterbacks for a career?

Eric Crouch(Nebraska) and Colin Kaepernick (Nevada) are tied with 59 rushing TDs.

Does a quarterback sack count against a Quarterbacks passing yards?

no it does not, it counts against his rushing yards

When did the quarterback sneak become an official NFL statistic?

Rushing statistics were always accumulated for quarterbacks, especially since in the early years of football quarterbacks rarely passed.

What steeler had the most yards rushing during the regular season?

Barry Foster with 1690 rushing yards for the 1992 Steelers.

What is the regular season single game quarterback rushing record?

aaron rodgers

What is the record for most rushing yards by a college quarterback in a single regular season?


What college quarterbacks have thrown for 1000 yards and rushed for 1000 yards in the same season?

Scott Frost, Nebraska 1997- 1,237 yards passing, 1095 yards rushing; Eric Crouch, Nebraska 2001- 1,510 yards passing, 1,115 yards rushing

What three FBS quarterbacks threw for over 10000 yards and rushed for over 2000 yards in their career?

Robert Griffin III of Baylor (10,071 passing and 2,199 rushing with one game left in his college career), Colin Kaepernick of Nevada (10,098 passing and 4,112 rushing), and Dan Lefevour of Central Michigan (12,905 passing and 2,948 rushing).

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