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Eric Crouch(Nebraska) and Colin Kaepernick (Nevada) are tied with 59 rushing TDs.

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Q: Who holds the ncaa rushing touchdown record for quarterbacks for a career?
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What is the record for rushing touchdowns by a quarterback in the NCAA?

Eric Crouch of Nebraska and Colin Kaepernick of Nevada are tied with 59 career rushing TDs.

What is the NCAA touchdown record for rushing by a freshman?


Who holds the NCAA career Rushing Touchdown record?

Eric Crouch Quarterback for Nebraska 59 rushing touchdowns. Colin Kaepernick QB for Nevada tied the record in 2010 with 59 rushing TDs

Which NFL quarterback holds the record for most career touchdown carries taken in?

Steve Young holds the NFL record of 43. Otto Graham had 44 career rushing TDs but 11 of them came while he played in the AAFC.

Who holds the single season rushing records for NFL quarterbacks?

Michael Vick rushed for 1039 yards in the 2006 season to set the single season rushing record for quarterbacks.

Most rushing tds?

The most career rushing touchdown record is currently held by Emmit Smith with 164. The most in a single season is 27 byLaDainian Tomlinson in 2006. The most rushing touch downs by an active player is LaDainian Tomlinson with 145.

What is the division 1A career rushing record?

Ricky Williams holds the 1-A rushing record for the ncaa at 6.138 yards from the University of Texas. Ron Dayne from the University of Wisconsin holds the D1A career rushing record with 6,397 yards between 1996-1999.

Who holds the NCAA rushing touchdown record in one year?


Who holds the record for the most career rushing yards for the Lions?

Barry Sanders retired with the Lions' rushing record in 1999.

What is the NFL record for rushing yards per attempt?

For a career that is Michael Vick with 7.1 yards per rushing attempt (through 10 games of the 2010 season). Most of the career leaders in this category are quarterbacks. The running back with the highest yards per rushing attempt is Marion Motley at 5.7. For a single season, the record is held by Vick of the 2006 Falcons and running back Beattie Feathers of the 1934 Bears with 8.4 yards per rushing attempt.

What team did Emmett Smith set the single season rushing record against?

he doesnt have the single season rushing record he has the career rushing record and that was set against the seattle seahawks

Who holds the career rushing record in the NCAA?

Barry Sanders