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Trevor Hoffman

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Q: Who holds major league saves record?
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What relief pitcher holds the major league record for the most saves?

Through the 2007 season, Trevor Hoffman of the San Diego Padres is the MLB all time saves leader with 524.

What San Francisco Giants pitcher holds the team record for saves?

On the last day of the 2010 season, Giants closer Brian Wilson tied the late Rod Beck's team record of 48 saves. Wilson was the 2010 major-league leader in saves.

What relief pitcher holds the team record for most saves for the Pittsburgh Pirates?

Kent Tekulve Mike Williams holds the Pirates team record for saves with 46 in 2002. Elroy Face holds the Pirates career save record with 188. Tekulve had 158 saves during his career with the Pirates.

Pitcher holds the record for most saves in a career?

Trevor Hoffman

Which NY Mets pitcher hold the record for saves?

John Franco holds the record for career saves as a New York Met with 276.

Which pitcher holds the record for most saves in a season?

The MLB record for saves in a season is 62 by Francisco Rodriguez of the Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim in 2008.

Who holds the New York Mets single season record with 43 saves?

Armando Benitez

Who holds the single season record for most saves in a season by a Tampa Ray player?

Rafael Soriano with 45 saves for the 2010 Rays.

What pitcher holds the career record for saves for the Milwaukee Brewers?

Through the 2008 season, that is Dan Plesac with 133 saves in his career as a Brewer.

How many saves does Mariano Rivera have in the playoffs?

Through 2010, Mariano Rivera holds the record for most career postseason saves with 42.

Who holds the Chicago White Sox record for career saves?

Bobby Thigpen with 201 from 1986-1993.

Which pitcher holds the record for most consecutive saves?

Eric Gagne holds the most consecutive save with 84 from 2002- 2004 with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Heck of a stat to hold the record of.

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