Who hit the most fours in cricket?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Misbah ul Haq

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Q: Who hit the most fours in cricket?
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Which cricketer hit most fours in one day international?

Uzair naseem hit most fours in cricket

Why is cricket the most exciting sport?

Because people cheer for you when you win a match or hit sixes or fours.

Who hit maximum fours in IPL cricket?

Its only Sachin tendulkar

Which team hit maximum fours in an innings in oneday cricket?

Sri Lanka: 56 fours Against: Netherlands

Who has hit maximum number of fours in ODI cricket in 2009?

praveen kumar

Who has scored the most fours top in 10 for Australia in cricket?

ricky ponting

How many fours sehwag hit in one day international?

sehwag hit 1 four in international cricket because of miss fielding

How many fours were hit in the final of the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup?

In the final of the 2011 Cricket World Cup, India, in their innings, finished on 260-9. They scored 30 fours, with no sixes - a total of 120 boundary runs, or approximately 46.5 percent of their total. Pakistan, scoring 231 all out, hit an aggregate of 20 fours, and three sixes - a total of 98 boundary runs, or 42.42 recurring (that is, 42.424242...) percent of their total. Therefore, there were 50 fours hit in the Cricket World Cup final - eleven by Sachin Tendulkar, nine by Virender Sehwag, and seven by Mohammad Hafeez.

Who hit the most fours in one innings of a test match?


Who hit the most number of fours in ipl 2008?

Shaun Marsh

How many fours did rahul dravid hit in test match?

He hit 1654 fours.

Who hit most six in a over in test cricket?

Ravi Shastri hit the most six in a over in test cricket.