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Q: Who hit the most fours in one innings of a test match?
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In a test wicket match what is the most innings a side can have?

In a test match a bteam can have only two innings.

Which Indian batsman was the first to hit 44 fours in a test match innings?

rahul dravid

In a test cricket match what is the most innings a side can have?

In a test match, played over five days, each side can have a maximum of two innings and an obvious minimum of one inning.

How many fours did rahul dravid hit in test match?

He hit 1654 fours.

Which cricketer has hit the maximum amount of fours in a single innings in a test match?

VVS Laxman hitted 44 fours in a single innings!! Dear Friend, It is wrong The correct answer is John Edrich of England against New Zealand in 1965 in England.He scored 310 runs and had hit 52 fours and five sixes. It comes to 238 runs(About 77%). Thanks, Cyrus

What is the most number of innings a team can have in cricket?

Two in a Test match an one in all other forms of cricket

What was Sachin's score in the second innings of his First test match?


What is the highest losing test match score?

The highest first-innings Test match score which ended up losing a Test match is 586 - by Australia against England in the 1894-95 season. The highest fourth innings Test match score which ended up losing a Test match is 451 - by New Zealand against England in the 2001-02 season.

Who are the Indian batsmen to score centuries in both the innings of a Test Cricket match?

Indian cricketers Vijay Hazare, Sunil Gavaskar and Rahul Dravid have scored centuries in both the innings of a Test match.

Who has scored the most runs in a single first-class innings cricket?

Brian Lara. He got 500 not out. He also scored the highest single test match innings with 400.

What was the lowest test match score?

The lowest score in a Test match innings belongs to the New Zealand team that played against England on the 25th March 1955 in the 2nd Test. The lowest combined score from both innings of a Test match is 185 by South Africa against Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, 12 February 1932, 5th Test Match. Their combined 36 and 45 from the first and second innings respectively brought them 81 runs from the entire test match.

How many innings in a test match?

Maximum innings in a test match can be 4 ,2 innings for each side.....Minimum is 1 innings which is only possible if side batting first keeps on batting and does not declares,but this is very very rare to occur.....Usually 4 innings ,2 for each side are easily played and the match usually ends with a usually i.e win or loss of a particular side.

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