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Q: Who helped Jackie Robinson become famous?
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Who helped Jackie Robinson?

branch rickey

Which African American leader helped desegregate the sport of baseball?

Jackie Robinson

What did Jackie Robinson helped accomplish?

the end of segragation in Baseball

What were Jackie Robinson's contributions?

Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play major league baseball. He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers and helped them win a World Series and a number of pennants.

What did Jackie Robinson do for us?

Jackie Robinson helped america and changed major leagues forever because he showed how blacks and whites could play baseball in the majors well together

How did Jackie Robinson helped to integrate baseball?

becoming the first african-american in the major league

Who helped Walt Disney become famous?

His brother, Ron Disney, helped him become famous

When did Mozart become famous?

Who helped Mozart to become famous

What did Jackie Robinson help to accomplish?

the end of segragation in baseball

What significance did Jackie Robinson have on the civil rights movement?

Baseball is an American treasure. When Jackie Robinson began playing for Brooklyn, he broke barriers and dealt with a lot discrimination. He handled it with courage and inspired others and helped to change the opinion of others. This all helped the Civil Rights Movement.

Jackie Robinson helped to change baseball by apex?

Becoming the first black player in the major leagues- Apex

Did Jackie Robinsone follow in any family members foot steps?

Jackie Robinson was the first African American to go into MLB. His brothers saw his talent in high school and helped him evolve his future in sports.

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