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Q: Which African American leader helped desegregate the sport of baseball?
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What African American player helped desegregate the sport baseball?

ignore the dumb*ss abovejackie robinson is the answer broski

What is the main idea of ruby bridges?

The main idea of Ruby Bridges is her courage and resilience as she became the first African American child to desegregate an all-white school in the American South in 1960. Her actions helped pave the way for the civil rights movement and challenged racial segregation in schools.

What helped stimulate American merchant shipping?

African american slaves.

How has affirmation helped African American?

abraham lincoln

Who was the first African American representative to congress from a northern state?

In 1928 African American voters in Chicago helped elect Oscar Depriest. He was the first African American representative to congress from a northern state.

Explain how the constitution commerce clause has helped African Americans obtain equal rights?

The Commerce Clause far exceeds just the sales and purchasing of goods.It was used to help African Americans obtain equal rights by holding that the refusal to sell to or hire African American people effected the follow of interstate commerce. Heart of Altlanta Motel v. United States is a good example of a Supreme Court ruling that helped desegregate local businesses.

Who was a african-american dallplayer who organized the national league?

No African-American player helped organize the National League. It was organized by a group of team owners, non of which were African-American.

What is pretty ricky's race?

As of 2011 the Members race is..... Baby Blue: African American/Black Spectacular: African American/Black Lingerie: African American/Black & Mexican Slick' Em: African American/Black I Hope this helped :) (:

What are good baby names for a girl and boy that are Italian and African American?

For the girl: Italian: Sabatina. African American: Aba. For the boy: Italian: Macci. African American: Dacia. Hope I helped! ************************************************************************

Who helped in the revolutionary war that was a African American?

it was chrispus attucks.he was the first african american to die in the boston massacre which led to five deaths.

What did Jane Addams do for African American rights?

She helped found the NAACP.

Which institution helped African American society after the civil war?