Sir Alex Ferguson is what team's head coach?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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He is now retired, but at the time question was asked he was the manager of Manchester United.

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Q: Sir Alex Ferguson is what team's head coach?
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Who was the Head coach of giants in 1970?

Alex Webster, who was head coach of the Giants between 1969-1973.

What is head to head record between Alex Ferguson vs Jose mourinho?

The Special One 6 - 5 - 2 Sir Alex

How many teams did coach bear Bryant coach?

Bear Bryant was an assistant coach for three teams (Union College, Alabama, Vanderbilt) and a head coach for four teams (Maryland, Kentucky, Texas A&M, Alabama).

What head coach beat all 32 NFL teams?

Tony Dungy was the first when he was the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts.

Who is the Pittsburgh Steelers head coach and quarterback?

Mike Tomlin is the Steelers head coach and Ben Roethlisberger is the teams starting quarterback.

Who is the US softball teams head coach?

mike candrea mike candrea

What is soccer asst coach?

An Assistant coach in soccer is a coach, but they just help the main coach... Sometimes they just catch loose balls and stuff and sometimes they can take a group of players and work with them. So it varies by team, most club/competitive teams have a manager and head coach but no assistant coach- recreational teams usually have a head coach and 1-3 assistant coaches... Hope this helps :)

What NFL Teams did Dan Reeves coach?

1972,1974-1980 Dallas Cowboys (Running Back Coach and Offensive Coordinator) 1981-1992 Denver Broncos (Head Coach) 1993-1996 New York Giants (Head Coach) 1997-2003 Atlanta Falcons (Head Coach)

Including Alabama Nick Saban has coached how many college teams not necessarily as a head coach?


What are all the football teams tony dungy coached?

As an assistant coach, Dungy was with the Steelers, Chiefs, and Vikings. As a head coach, Dungy has coached for the Buccaneers and Colts.

How much teams are usually in a fantasy football league?

One head coach, but other assistants. The other members of the team are: Assistant coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, special teams coach, quarterback coach, running back coach, offensive linemen coach, wide receivers coach, defensive linemen coach, linebackers coach, and secondary coach. All these are needed for a football team. In total that is: 12.

Who was the first head coach to lead his teams to 6 super bowl titles?

No one has done it before in history.