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Q: Who has won more NFL games from 1970 to 2009 the Miami Dolphins or the Kansas City Chiefs?
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Will the Miami Dolphins win in 2011?

Yes, they won their first preseason game at Atlanta vs. the Falcons, 28-23. The Dolphins went on to win two more preseason games. They finally won a regular season game on November 6th, beating the Kansas City Chiefs 31-3, breaking a seven game losing streak.

What state do the Miami Dolphins play their home games?

The Miami Dolphins play their home games in Florida.

Where do the American football dolphins play?

The American football team the Miami Dolphins play their home games in Miami, Florida.

How many wins do the Kansas City Chiefs have?

In their entire history the Chiefs have won 385 games, lost 359 games and have tied 12 games.

Where do Miami Dolphins play Home games?

They play their home games in Miami gardens Florida at the Sun Life Stadium.

What NFL team went undefeated and won the Super Bowl?

The Miami Dolphins in 1972. Although they were considered to have had a perfect season, they did lose three preseason games.

How many games will Miami win this year?

Miami dolphins-10-6 Miami heat 60-22

Who was the quarterback for the Miami Dolphins in 2011?

In 2011, Matt Moore started 12 games at quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. Chad Hennestarted 4 games.

What is Joe Montana's win-loss record With the 49'ers and with the Kansas City Chiefs?

Joe Montana started 139 games with the San Francisco 49'ers and 25 games with the Kansas City Chiefs. His record with the 49'ers was 100-39 and his record with the Chiefs was 17-8.

How many games did Miami Dolphins win in 2008?


What games did Miami Dolphins win in Buffalo?

The Dolphins have won at Buffalo 25 times entering 2013.

Who was the quarterback for the 1969 Miami Dolphins?

Bob Griese started 9 games and Rick Norton started 5 games for the 1969 Dolphins.

Retired Kansas City Chiefs played in Nebraska university Did Tehaun Lewis play for the Chiefs?

Tahaun Lewis played 9 games for the Chiefs in the 1992 season.

How many games did the Miami Dolphins win?

All time they have won 400 games

Kansas City Chiefs 200 yard rushing games?

Christain Okeya

How many games have the Kansas City Chiefs won this season?

They won seven of 16 games in 2011.

Who was the Quarterback of the 1975 Kansas City Chiefs?

Mike Livingston started 7 games, Len Dawson started 5 games, and Tony Adams started 2 games at quarterback for the 1975 Chiefs.

What NFL team holds the record for the least sacks in a season?

In a non-strike season, 16 game season the NFL record for fewest sacks in a season is 13 by the 1981 Baltimore Colts. The 2008-2009 Kansas City Chiefs in 16 games I think only had 9 sacks 1988 Miami Dolphins only allowed 7.

How many games do the Miami Dolphins play per season?


When do the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins play their home games?


How many games did the Miami Dolphins play?

They have played 672 regular season games and 40 playoff games.

Which of the following professional teams play homes games in the cities?

Kansas City Chiefs

Who was the quarterback for the 1980 Miami Dolphins?

David Woodley started 11 games, Bob Griese started 3 games, and Don Strock started 2 games for the 1980 Dolphins.

How many times did the Miami Dolphins Jersey win in 2012?

According to the records for the Miami Dolphins in 2012, they won seven games total in the season, but unfortunately lost nine games. They finished second in the AFC Eastern Division in 2012.

NFL perfect regular season 14 games?

1973 Miami Dolphins