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The American football team the Miami Dolphins play their home games in Miami, Florida.

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Q: Where do the American football dolphins play?
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Which football teams did Pat Ryan play for during his career?

Pat Ryan who is an American Football Quarterback currently plays for "Miami Dolphins" in the NFL. He signed to the Dolphins in 2011 as an undrafted agent.

What is Matt Moore best known for?

Matt Moore is most famous as an American football quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. The Miami Dolphins play in the National Football League. He previously played for the Carolina Panthers from 2007 till 2010.

Can Muslims play American football?

Anyone can play American football if their heart in it.

Which American football team is known as the dolphins?

The team in Miami.

Do they play American Football in Spanish speaking countries?

They do play American Football in Ireland.

When the Miami Dolphins first formed?

The Dolphins joined the American Football League as an expansion team in 1966.

Did Dwayne Johnson play football for the Miami Dolphins?

yes he did

What team does Ted Ginn Jr play for in American football?

Ted Ginn Jr. plays for the American football team the Panthers. Ted Ginn Jr. previously played for the 49s and the Dolphins. In college football, Ted Ginn Jr. played for The Ohio State University.

Did Sam Mclain ever play football at Boston college or Miami Dolphins?


Who is the first african american to play football?

The first known African-American to play pro football was Charles Follis

They play football in Jamaica?

Yes, in Jamaica they play football (soccer). It is likely that some Jamaicans even play American football.

What was the first professional football team in Florida?

The Miami Dolphins whose first season in the American Football League was 1966.

What is the difference between American football to English football?

American football is basically rugby, English football is a lot better and you play.

Who is the Denmark football team?

Denmark doesn't play American football, but they do play soccer.

How do you you say play American football in french?

football américain.

Which game was not play by women?

Football (I mean American football)

What sport do the Miami Dolphins play?

The Miami Dolphins play football. The Miami Dolphins are one of the older franchises in the National Football League (NFL). The Dolphins are the only franchise in NFL history to ever have a perfect season. There quarterback that year...Dan Marino.

Do women play American football?

they play a little thing called power puff football

What do you do in American football?

play with the ball

What state is the Dolphins from?

Assuming you mean the american football team - they're based in Miami, Florida !

What other countries play professional football?

If it is American football it is Canada.

What states do the follwing football teams play their home gamse in Dallas Cowboys Miami Dolphinse?

Cowboys play in Texas Dolphins play in Florida

What is the connection between American football and the us?

American Football is what we play in the U.S.A. a.k.a. football or the NFL.

Do the Jacksonville Jaguars play on a baseball field?

No, they play on a football field. I believe that the Miami Dolphins played on a repurposed baseball field.

What kind of football do they play in Australia and Africa?

I wasn't aware there are different kinds? But if you mean American/English football they play English football.