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Edina High School in Minnesota. They've been the cream of the crop in the best state for high school hockey.

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Q: Who has the top high school Ice hockey program in the US?
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How long are periods in a high school hockey game?

periods in a high school ice hockey game are generally 12-14 minutes in length

What are the rules to ice hockey?

The majority of ice hockey around the world is played under the umbrella of three organizations, Hockey Canada, USA Hockey, and the International Ice Hockey Federation, each with their own set of rules. The National Hockey League has its own rulebook, from which the rulebooks of most North American professional leagues are derived. United States high school leagues use the National Federation of State High School Associations rulebook, and varsity college hockey is governed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association's rules.

How does a high school ice hockey player get suspended?

1. By breaking the rules of hockey in a major way. 2. For acedemic reasons. 3. For legal reasons.

Who has won the most high school state championships in hockey?

Mount Saint Charles Academy in Woonsocket, Rhode Island has won 26 High School State Championships in a row for boys ice hockey (1978–2003).

How large are boards in ice hockey?

The boards in ice hockey are not less than 40" high, and no higher than 48" above the the surface of the ice.

Which school do not have an NCAA Women's Ice Hockey Team?


What do you call hockey that is not played on the ice?

Hockey Just hockey Hockey on ice is called ice hockey

How wide and high are the netted goals in ice hockey?

A hockey goal is 6' x 4' .

Are Sheffield Pittsburgh Steelers a high school sports team?

The Sheffield Steelers are an ice hockey club from the United Kingdom. They are members of the Elite Ice Hockey Club, and play their home games at Sheffield Arena located in Sheffield, England.

How long is high school ice hockey game?

Generally it is three 15 minute periods with a 1-2 minute intermission between

What is the difference between ice hockey and floor hockey?

ice hockey is on ice floor hockey is on floor

What gear is needed for high school ice hockey?

the same equipment used in any hockey: helmet, gloves, shin pads, elbow pads, skates, stick, shoulder pads, and pants.

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