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Q: Who has the most penalties in the Miami Heat?
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What the most popular basketball team?

Miami heat

Who is the most popular team in basketball?

Miami Heat

Why are the Miami Heat called the heat?

Miami heat are called the heat because if you think about it, is it cold in miami? If it was cold in miami it would be called the miami frost or miami shiver. In other words it is hot in miami and they think they are hot in terms of style.

What is the most points scored by Miami Heat in a game?


Why is Miami Heat called heat?

Its hot in Miami

How did the creation of the Miami Heat affect Miami?

It brought popularity to Miami's sports franchises, because of the fact the Florida Marlins and the Miami Dolphins are very unsuccessful teams. The Miami Heat added an increase in basketball around the city. With the addition of Lebron, this is most likely the hottest sports franchise in Miami adding for tourism and lots of fans.

Who holds the record for most steals in Miami Heat?

Mario Chalmers

When was Miami Heat created?

Miami Heat was created in 1988.

What team does LeBron James play for?

The Miami HEAT

Who is the owner of the Miami Heat?

Mickey Arison is the owner of the Miami Heat. and Pat Reily is one of the coaches of Miami heat

Average penalties for the Miami Dolphins in 1972?

In the 1972 regular season, the Dolphins were charged with 69 penalties counting for 714 yards. That is an average of 5 penalties for 51 yards a game.

What is Miami heat?

Miami Heat is a basketball team from Miami. Notable players include LeBron James

What stadium do the Miami Heat play in?

The Miami Heat play in the American Airlines Arena, in Downtown Miami.

Are the Miami Heat tickets available for purchase on their website?

Yes, Miami Heat tickets are available for purchase on their website. If you wait to purchase them at the door, the tickets will be most expensive. Tickets are cheaper online.

Who is better Miami Heat or the Chicago Bulls?

Miami Heat by far!

Who own Miami Heat?

Mickey Arison owns the Miami Heat

Which team is better the Miami Heat or the Dallas Mavericks?

Miami Heat

Most loses in a row for an NBA team?

Miami Heat in the 2008 season

How do you say he plays along with Miami Heat in spanish?

Juega junto con Miami Heat (khooAYgah KHOOntaw con Miami Heat)

What number is Dwyane Wade on miami heat?

Dwyane Wade is number 3 on the Miami Heat.

Between Miami Heat vs the chicago bulls who won the most games from 2011 to 2012?

maimi heat won the most games because they are hard

How many members does Miami Heat have?

35 members on on the Miami heat. I think.

When did the Miami Heat start as a basketball team?

1988 was when the Miami Heat was formed.

Who is home next game with Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers?

Miami Heat

What is the Miami heat record?

The Miami Heat had a record of 58 wins and 24 losses in 2011.