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Dwayne Tyrone Wade Jr. currently plays for the Miami Heat

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Q: What team does Dwyane Wade play for?
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What nba team does Dwyane Wade play for?

Miami Heat

What team will Dwyane Wade play for in 2011?

The Miami Heat.

What is the team of dwyane wade?

Dwyane Wade plays for the Miami Heat.

What was the first team did Dwyane Wade play for in the NBA?

Miami Heat

Did Dwyane Wade play on a aau team?

he played for the illnois flash

Did dwyane wade play as a Celtic?

Dwyane Wade has played his entire career with the Miami Heat.

What college did NBA player Dwyane Wade play for?

NBA player Dwyane Wade played for Marquette.

What team do Dwyane Wade?

miami heat

What team is Dwyane Wade on?

The Miami Heat.

What team does D Wade play for right now?

Dwyane Wade is a top shooting guard for the Miami Heat, and has been with the team since 2003. There are no talks or plans of a move to another team right now.

What team is Dwyane Wade going to be on?

Miam heat

Who does Dwyane Wade play for?

The Miami Heat

Did Dwyane Wade play a instrument?


What position in basketball does Dwyane Wade play?

Dwyane Wade of the Miami HEAT mainly plays the shooting guard position.

Which team will Chris Bosh go to?

Chris Bosh Will Most Likey Play For Miami Heat Along Side With Dwyane Wade

Does Dwyane Wade play power forward?

No. Dwyane Wade plays primarily shooting guard or point guard. He is one of the few NBA players who can play both positions well.

Is Dwyane Wade being traded?

Never no team is that stupid

Who is better Dwyane Wade or Karl malone?

dwyane wade

Who did Dwyane Wade play for in 2009?

Miami heat

Why did Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh not make the 2012 Olympic US team?

Both were on the team, but chose not to play to recovery from injuries that had been troubling them much of the season.

What teams has Dwyane Wade played for?

The only NBA team Wade has ever played for is the Miami Heat.

What is the name of the kid that Dwyane Wade has?

Dwyane Wade

Who is the team captain of the Miami Heats?

Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem

What position did Dwyane Wade play in high school?


What year did Dwyane Wade play in his first Olympics?