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Jeff Kent holds the record for the most Homeruns hit as a 2nd basemen, he hit 351 Homeruns while playing 2nd base for the Mets, the Giants, the Astros and the Dodgers.

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Q: Who has the most Homeruns as a second baseman?
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Who has the Most career homeruns by a catcher?

Ivan Rodriguez:he has hit 309 homeruns and has the most homeruns for a cather

Where does the second baseman stand when receiving a throw from LF?

In most cases, the second baseman will be covering 2nd base on a hit or fly out to LF.

Who hit the most lifetime homers as a second baseman?

Robinson Cano

Who was the cardinals 2nd baseman before billiard?

Ronnie Billiard was the Cardinals second baseman in 2006. In 2005 Mark Grudzielanek was the Cardinals second baseman. The Cardinals current second baseman is Mark Ellis.

When was Jackie Hayes - second baseman - born?

Jackie Hayes - second baseman - was born in 1906.

When did Jackie Hayes - second baseman - die?

Jackie Hayes - second baseman - died in 1983.

What are baseball double-play combos and how do they work?

The term 'double play combo' refers to the second baseman and the shortstop. The law of averages says that most balls hit in the infield are going to be hit to either the shortstop or the second baseman since they are playing towards the middle of the field. So most of the double plays a team makes are with the second baseman, shortstop, and first baseman.

Who has the most career homeruns and batted in?

although barry bonds has the most career homeruns with 762 hank aaron has the most RBI's

Most homeruns by a pitcher?


When was Al Martin - second baseman - born?

Al Martin - second baseman - was born in 1847-09.

Who was the Phillies second baseman in 1999?

Marlon Anderson played the most games for the Phillies at second base in 1999.

Who was the Major league second baseman who hit the most home runs?

Jeff kent

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