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Ronnie Billiard was the Cardinals second baseman in 2006. In 2005 Mark Grudzielanek was the Cardinals second baseman. The Cardinals current second baseman is Mark Ellis.

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Q: Who was the cardinals 2nd baseman before billiard?
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Who was the Cardinals 2nd baseman following Tommy Herr?

Luis Alicea .

Who was St. Louis Cardinals 2nd baseman in 2004?

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What was Jorge Posada's minor league position before being converted to catcher?

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Who is the guy who tags you in baseball?

If you're talking about the person who tags you to get you out is 1st baseman 2nd baseman and 3rd baseman.

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The Yankee's second baseman is Robinson Cano.

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Lets say there is a man on first base, and the batter gets an infield ground hit that is picked off by the shortstop. The shortstop throws the ball to the 2nd baseman who steps on 2nd base before the runner a at 1st can reach it. This is a force out as the 2nd baseman does not have to tag the incoming runner. If the shortstop caught the ball before the ball hit the ground and can throw the ball to the 1st baseman before the runner at 1st can get back and put his foot on the bag, then that would also would be a force out.

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