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Q: Who has the most 4 TD passing games in NFL history?
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How many 300 plus yard games has Drew Brees?

47 in the regular season, which is the 8th most in NFL history

What nfl stadium has the most 300 yard passing games?

the orange bowl

Who won the most games in NFL history?

Through the 2013 season, the Chicago Bears won the most games in NFL history, with 747. Regular season (730-534-42), Postseason (17-18).

Who has the most touchdown passes in NFL history?

I'm not shure but i think its Tom Brady with 511 passing yards in one game

Which nfl coach has won the most playoff games in the history of football?

Bill bilechek

The Cowboys have played in the most playoff games in NFL history How many have they played in?


Who has the most passing yards in an NFL single season?

As of the 2008 season, in the NFL the most passing yards in a single season is 5,084 by Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins in 1984.

Which team played in the most AFC championship games?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have played in 15 AFC championship games. That is the most in NFL history.

Single game passing yards boomer esiason?

Boomer threw for 522 yards in a game in 1996 - third most in nfl history.

What QB has lost the most consecutive NFL games in history?

Vinny testaverde

How do you get the NFL history?

I would recommend looking for books that tell NFL history. Or, you can watch old games on NFL Network.

Most passing yards in NFL?

Monty Allman