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Willingboro High school

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2013-03-27 03:14:24
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Q: Who has the longest winning streak in NJ high school track and field?
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What team holds the record of the longest consecutive winning streak?

Ateneo de Manila High School Track and Field team of the Philippines holds the record of the longest consecutive winning streak, from 1979 to 1998

What is Florida's longest football home field winning streak?


What team holds the record of the longest consecutive winning treaak?

Ateneo de Manila high school track and field team of the Philippines holds the longest consecutive winning streak, from 1979 to 1998

What is the longest home field winning streak in NFL history?

The Patriots are currently on a 30 game regular season home field winning streak as of 10/15/2011 and dating back to Nov. 19th 2006. Which would be the longest, provided we're talking about the regular season.

Who has the longest winning streak in Track and Field history?

Edwin Moses of the United States won 122 consecutive races (400 meter hurdles) between 1977-1987.

Who kicked the winning field goal in nfl's longest game?

Garo Yepremian

What is the longest streak for made field goals in the nfl?

Former Indianapolis Colts Mike Vanderjagt holds the NFL record with 42 consecutive field goals made. The streak stretched from 2002-2004.

Which college basketball team has the greatest home field advantage?

Phog Allen Fieldhouse, home to the Kansas Jayhawks, is widely regarded as the hardest place to play in all of college basketball. The Jayhawks own a a number of notable home winning streaks including a 55-game streak that ended in 1988, a 31-game streak that ended in 2006, and they own the longest home winning streak since 1992 of 69 straight wins, which ended in 2011.

What is the Chicago Cubs longest home winning streak?

The Cubs have found a hot spot in Wrigley Field. With a three-game sweep of the White Sox, the Cubs extended their home winning streak to 14 games, the eighth time in franchise history they've won that many in a row at home. Here's a list of the longest single-season home win streaks in Cubs history: YearWins 1880 21 1935 18 1886 18 1890 15

What is the current NCAA men's Division I basketball tournament appearance streak?

Kansas has the longest current streak dating from 1990. Kansas was on probation in 1989 and last missed the field that year.Some said that the Arizona Wildcats had the longest streak in Division I basketball with twenty-five, ignoring the fact that their 1999 appearance was vacated. Arizona failed to make the field in 2010.

What baseball field has the longest home run streak to start a season?

at&t park with Barry bonds on the SF Giants

What is the longest high school field goal?

The record for the longest field goal in high school football was set by Dirk Borgognone of Nevada Reno in 1985. He kicked a 68 yard field goal.

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