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Garo Yepremian

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Q: Who kicked the winning field goal in nfl's longest game?
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What is the longest field goal kicked in a game?


What kicker kicked the most game winning field goals?

-Adam Vinatieri has a total of about 26 game winning field goals(including the postseason.)

What kicker kicked the game winning field goal in Super Bowl XXXVI?

Adam Vinatari

Who kicked the longest game winning field goal?

In 1970, George Blanda was just getting started. He threw a tying touchdown pass with 1:34 remaining and then kicked the game-winning 52-yard field goal in the final seconds the following week in a 23-20 win over Cleveland. George Blanda died September 27, 2010, just last week. But in 1970, Frank Dempsey (with the Chucago Bears) kicked a 63 yard field goal to win the game. So I guess that answer would be FRANK DEMPSEY.

Who scored the winning points in the super bowl 5?

Jim O'Brien kicked the game winning field goal for the Baltimore Colts in Super bowl 5.

Who kicked the winning field goal for Iowa in the 1981 Iowa versus Michigan game?

Tom Nichol. Nichol, a freshman, kicked three field goals in Iowa's 9-7 victory over Michigan in Ann Arbor.

What is the longest field goal kicked in NFL history?

The longest field goal in NFL history was kicked by Jack Dempsey for the New Orleans Saints against the Detroit Lions on November 8, 1970, wining the game 19-17.

What is the longest home field winning streak in NFL history?

The Patriots are currently on a 30 game regular season home field winning streak as of 10/15/2011 and dating back to Nov. 19th 2006. Which would be the longest, provided we're talking about the regular season.

How did Alabama beat Texas Tech in the 2005 Cotton Bowl?

A Game-Winning Field Goal! A Game-Winning Field Goal!

What is length of George Blanda's longest field goal?

48 yards is the length of several George Blanda field goals, the last of which came in October of 1970 in a game against the Kansas City Chiefs, a kick which forged a 17-17 tie. The following week George kicked a game-winning 52 yard field goal against the Cleveland Browns after throwing a game-tying TD pass to Warren Wells earlier in the 4th quarter. This FG was, however, not his longest. On December 3, 1961 George Blanda kicked a 55 yard field goal against the San Diego Chargers while a member of World Champion Houston Oilers.

How many Game winning field goals snapped by lonnie paxton?

Paxton has snapped on 10 game winning field goals, including the game-winning 48 -yarder at the end of Super Bowl XXXVI

Who has the record for the longest field goal in high school?

Dirk Borgognone kicked a 68 yard field goal in a game for Reno High School vs. Sparks High School (Nevada), September 27, 1985.

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