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The longest women's college sellout streak belongs to Nebraska's volleyball team. 164 consecutive sellouts as of December 3, 2011 and the streak will continue when the 2012 season starts.

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Q: Who has the Longest running sellout streaks in college women's sports?
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Duke has sold out 339 consecutive home games through the end of the 2011-12 season. Source: Duke Basketball Game Notes issued by Duke Athletic Department

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The CORNHUSKERS BABY NO DOUBT!!! Nebraska has sold out everygame since 1962, that's 289 straight games by far an NCAA record! * of October 2009, the huskers have sold out a record 300 consecutive times!!! At the start of the 2011 season: 1. Nebraska - 312 (started 1962) 2. Notre Dame - 219 (started 1973) 3. Florida - 137 (started 1989)** As of 9/3/2011, Florida's sellout streak ended at 137 games. They failed to sell out their home opener against Florida Atlantic. Note: Alabama has sold out every game since 1988 but there is no official number from the university unless you wanna go back and count every home game.

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