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The best Bowling figures on debut in a One Day International were recorded by West Indies' Fidel Edwards, who took six for 22 from seven overs against Zimbabwe at Harare on 29th November 2003.

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Q: Who has taken most number of wicket on debut in one day internationals?
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Who has taken most number of wicket on debut in a test match?

Aaron likes monkeys

Which player has taken most wicket in odis?

Muttiah Muralitharan has taken 512 wickets in One Day Internationals, with Wasim Akram in second place with 502.

Which Indian wicketkeeper has taken the most catches in One Day Internationals?

The greatest number of catches taken by an Indian wicket-keeper in One-Day Internationals is 178, by Mahendra Singh Dhoni - though this figure is likely to increase, as Dhoni is still continuing his One Day International career as of 2011.

What is a wicket in the game Cricket?

Wicket also refers to the event of a batsman getting out. The batsman is said to have lost his wicket. If dismissed by a bowler, the bowler is said to have taken his wicket. The number of wickets taken is the primary measure of a bowler's ability.

Who had taken the maximum number of wicket in India-Pakistan test match?

Anil Kumble has the maximum number of wicket in India-Pakistan test match.It is clear answer.

Who is leading Wicket keeper who has taken the highest catches in history of cricket?

Gilchrist is the wicket keeper with most number of catches numbering 379.

Which Pakistani bowler has taken the most number of wicket in world cup history?

waseem Akram

Who is the latest bowler taken hat-trick wicket?

Peter Siddle is the latest bowler taken hat-trick wicket.

Who is the ony bowler to have taken two 5 wicket hauls at Kochi wicket hauls at?

Shane warne

Who was taken the highest number of wickets in one day international cricket?

The leading wicket taker in One Day Internationals is Muttiah Muralitheran of Sri Lanka, who captured 534 wickets during his illustrious bowling career that spanned nearly 18 years. Next on the list is Wasim Akram of Pakistan, with 502 ODI wickets.

Who had Taken Maximum Wicket in world cup?

Zaheer Khan took maximun number of wickets.He took 21 wickets.

Who is the leading wicket taker in the single world cup?

Glenn McGrath is the leading wicket taker.He has taken 26 wickets.

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