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Brazillian Footballer Ronaldo.

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Q: Who has scored sixty two international goals?
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How many goals has Nemanja Vidic scored?

In league competitions, since the start of his professional career in the 2000-01 season, Nemanja Vidic has scored: 6 goals for Spartak Subotica 12 goals for Red Star Belgrade 4 goals for Spartak Moscow 14 goals for Manchester United Giving a total of 36 league goals. He has also scored two goals in international competition.

How many goals has Samuel Eto'o scored in this year world cup?

Samuel Etoo has scored two goals.

How many goals has David Beckham scored for ac?

In his first two games for AC Milan, David Beckham has scored two goals and been credited with two assists.

How many goals has Rooney scored scines the world cup?

Rooney has scored two goals, both were from penalties, he last scored a goal from open play in the month of march.

How many worldcup goals scored maradona?

In the 1986 world cup it was 5 goals , in 1990 it was two goals.

How many footballers have scored over 1000 career goals?

Only two footballers Pele and Romario have scored 1000 goals, though all of Romarios goals are not counted.

How many goals has new zealand got this year in the world cup?

They scored two goals.

How many goals did the all whites score at the world cup?

They scored two goals only.

How many goals did Andres iniesta score in the world cup 2010?

He scored two goals.

How many goals has Ronaldinho scored in World Cup play?

Two. He scored two goals at the 2002 world cup, against England and China, and did not score at the 2006 World Cup

How many goals cesse scored for Newcastle?

Nine goals, but those nine goals have been scored in only eight matches. He arrvied at Newcastle in January 2012, and has now scored two gals in each of his last three matches.

How many football players have scored 999 goals?

Only two, me and you

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