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They scored two goals.

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Q: How many goals has new zealand got this year in the world cup?
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How many goals has Samuel Eto'o scored in this year world cup?

Samuel Etoo has scored two goals.

How many murders are committed a year in new zealand?

how many murders were there in new zealand in 1977

How many earthquakes are there in New Zealand each year?

there has been 10,000 to 15,000 earthquakes a year in New Zealand

How many goals did Joe Nieuwendyk score in his rookie year?

51 goals.

How many goals does Messi have?

27 this year

Which year was the most goals scored in a world cup?

The year was 1958 and the world cup was held in Sweden.

How many goals did pavel datsyuk get in his rookie year?

pavel datsyuk scored 11 goals in his rookie year

In which year did an English player achieve the World Cup Top Goal Scorer award and how many goals did he score?

Gary Lineker in 1986, scoring 6 goals.

What year is it in New Zealand?

2010. Just like the rest of the world.

How many goals Messi scored in penalties this year?

he scored 17 goals from the spot

How many goals has Lionel messi scored this year?

He has scored 28 goals for Barcelona.

How many goals has scored Lionel messi at this year?

Lionel Messi has scored 86 goals in this calender year . 2012

How many goals did messi score this year?


How many goals has Kevin Doyle scored 2011-2012?

How many goals has kevin boyle scored this year

Which is the only team to whom India lost in the twenty twenty world cup this year?

New zealand New Zealand

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New Zealand has many minor earthquakes a year, but only one major earthquake has happened in New Zealand in 2011.

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In 2008 97 people drowned in New Zealand.

What year did New Zealand win the Rugby World Cup?

New Zealand (the All Blacks) won the World Cup in 1987. The runner-up was France.

How many shorthanded goals do the Pittsburgh penguins have this year?

9 goals as of March 1, 2012

What is the highest number of goals scored in a single World Cup Tournament number year?

The highest number of goals in a world cup year is 13 by the french footballer in 1958 Just Fontaine.

How many animals in New Zealand are abused each year?

100 each year

How many goals did lance Franklin kick last year?

not sure which year was last year but in 2008 he kicked 102 goals to win the Coleman by 3

How many people die each year in New Zealand?

According to the CIA World Factbook, as of July 2008, the average death rate in New Zealand was 7 deaths per 1000. With a population of around 4,173,460, this would mean that about 29200 people died in New Zealand last year.

How many goals have ronaldo scored in the year 2012?


How many goals messi scores this year?

80 goal