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noone, noone plays football for 30 years

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Q: Who has scored in the last 3 decades of the Premiership?
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Which Players still play in the premiership who have scored in the last 3 decades?

Patrick vieria, is such a player.

Who has scored 30 league goals in 3 consecutive premiership seasons?

Alan Shearer

Which footballer has played for 3 premiership teams and scored 2 goals?


What 3 players have scored for 3 different clubs against Man Utd in premiership?

Nicolas Anelka

Who has scored 3 premiership hat tricks?

It is Les Ferdinand, teddy Sherringham and Kevin cam bell.

Current premiership player who has played for 3 different clubs and scored against Manchester united?

Danny Murphy

Which play has scored a hat trick in premiership divisions 1 division 2 and division 3?

Robert Earnshaw. He has also scored hattricks in the FA Cup and at international level for Wales.

Which 4 players have scored against man united for 3 different premiership clubs?

brian deane anelka ferdinand hasslebaink

Who are the Best 3 teams in the history of the premiership?

Manchester United, Chelsea, and Arsenal are the best 3 teams in the history of the Premiership. These teams combine for 18 of the last 19 championships.

The player who played for 3 premiership teams and only 2 goals?

Peter Schmeichel - Scored for both Man Utd and Aston Villa.

Who is the only premiership player to score at the last 3 world cup finals?


What 3 premiership goalkeepers have scored a goal?

brad friedel, blackburn rovers. peter schmeichel, Manchester united. paul Robinson, tottenham hotspur.