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Ryan Giggs

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Q: Who has played the most number of matches in the English premier league?
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How many games are played in a season in the English premier clubs?

There are 20 teams in the Premier League, so each team plays the other 19 teams twice, meaning they each play 38 matches. In total, there would be 380 league matches played. That is just in the league itself. The teams play in other competitions too, but depending on how far they get, they would end up playing different amounts of matches, so it is not possible to give a definitive number on those.

What English premier league club have highest number of fans in Africa?

Manchester United

Which English premier league team has the highest number of gay playes?

Chelsea for sure..

How Many matches are played in the season?

Simply n x (n-1) where n= number of teams in the league. So = 380 for Premier League where there are 20 teams.

Which team in the epl has the most number of consecutive wins?

Machester United is the team in the English Premier League with the most number of consecutive wins.

How many games are there in the Premier League season?

There are 20 teams in the Barclays Premier League, each one plays the other 19 teams in the league twice, so each team plays 38 matches per season. The total number of matches played each season by all the teams is 380, as every weekend there are 10 played, not 20 as each match consists of two teams.

English Premier League got how many matches played in one season?

Yes - 380 is the correct answer. Here is the formula: n x (n-1) or by multiplying out, n x n - n where 'n' is the number of teams. This formula applies to any league where each team plays every other team twice in a season. So for 20 teams in the English Premier League, the calculation is 20 x (20-1) = 20 x 19 = 380.

Number of teams in Barclays premier league?


Who has scored the greatest number of runs in the Indian Premier League?

As of April 23, 2011, the greatest number of runs scored by a single batsman in Indian Premier League cricket is Suresh Raina, who has scored 1492 runs in 49 innings over 51 matches for the Chennai Super Kings. This total includes ten half-centuries.

What is the number premier in french digits?

The ordinal number premier in French corresponds to the English ordinal number "first".

Which team scored the highest number of goals in an English Premier League season?

Arsenal in 1934 35 127 league goals ted drake got 42 of them alone

How many matches are in a season of the Premier League?

The formula to work this out is n x (n-1) where nis the number of clubs.So n = 20 therefore...n x (n-1) = 20 x (20-1) = 20 x 19 = 360.360 games are played per season in the Premier League.