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Q: Who has played for the most football teams in history?
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Who has plaid for the most football teams in history?

My mom

What is the most played sport in Ohio?

There is no exact answer but I would guess football because Ohio has the most teams on football.

Who played for the most NBA teams in history?

Chucky Brown played for 11 teams between 89-01

Which footballer has played most for spanish football teams?

It is Raul of real Madrid.

Which premiership football player has played for the most premiership teams?

Andrew cole

Who played for the most NFL teams in history?

Urah Freekyn Moreawn

What 2 NCAA football teams have played each other the most?

Yale and Harvard

Which two national football teams have played each other the most?


How many games left in the football season?

10 as most teams have played 28!

What is Most played sport in Pa in 2009?

By the look of all the sports teams in the state of Pennsylvania that I saw on this sports website I would say football granted they have 2 NFL teams over 800 high school football teams and than all the college football teams.

How many teams played in the old Yankee Stadium?

There were a few different teams in different leagues and most were named the Yankees. The short answer is that there was the baseball team, 7 football teams in different leagues (one being the football Giants) and the Generals and Cosmos were soccer teams.