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Chucky Brown played for 11 teams between 89-01

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Q: Who played for the most NBA teams in history?
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Who has coached the most NBA teams?

How many different NBA teams

Where are the NBA games played?

NBA games are played in stadiums of a teams state

What are the most famous NBA Basketball teams and can I just have a simplified answer?

1) Boston Celtics - Winners of the 2008 NBA championship, they won 11 NBA championships in 13 seasons between the 1956-57 and 1968-69 seasons. They have won the most championships in the history of the NBA with 17. 2) Los Angeles Lakers - The Lakers have won 14 NBA championships, second most in NBA history. The Lakers have played in 29 NBA championship series, the most of any NBA team. Through the 2008 season, the Lakers have the best franchise winning percentage of any team (2905 wins, 1824 losses, .614 winning percentage). The Celtics and Lakers are by far the most famous teams in the NBA. There are several teams that have had 6 or 8 years stretches where they have been dominant, the Chicago Bulls who won 6 NBA championships in 8 seasons with Michael Jordan and the San Antonio Spurs who currently have won 4 championships in 10 seasons, but no teams have won like the Celtics and Lakers.

What NBA Player Played for 6 NBA Teams?

The most obvious is probably Shaq He played for the Magic,Lakers,Heat,Suns,Cavs, and Celtics

What team has the most championships won in the NBA?

The Boston celtics have won more championships than any other team in Nba history (17) , but the lakers aren't too far away with 14. literally half of the 62 nba championships ever won by these 2 teams. The 2 teams have played each other in 11 different nba finals, the Boston celtics are 9-2 in these cases.

What is a good question to ask about basketball for a school project?

Some good questions include: When was basketball started? Who started basketball? Where was basketball started? What was one of the original ABA teams? Who has the most championships in NBA history? Who is the NBA's all-time blocked shots leader? Who has played the most minutes in NBA history?

Which NBA teams has Karl Malone played for?

Karl Malone was a professional basketball player in the NBA. For most of his career he played for the Utah Jazz, and was a major star. He played his last season for the LA Lakers.

Who played the most games in NBA history?

Robert Parish - 1,611 games

What NBA teams did Shawn Bradley play for?

Shawn Bradley has played for three NBA teams. He played for the Dallas Mavericks, the Philadelphia 76ers, and the New Jersey Nets.

How many nba teams have carmello Anthony played for?

Carmello Anthony has played for 2 teams thus far in his NBA career: The Denver Nuggets and the New York Knicks (present).

What NBA teams did ray Allen play for?

Ray Allen played for the Milwaukee Bucks from 1996 to 2003 and the Seattle Supersonics from 2003 to 2007. From 2007 to the present he has played for the Boston Celtics. He played collegiately at the University of Connecticut. He is regarded by many as one of the most accurate 3-point shooters in NBA history. He is also a 9-time NBA all-star and has even won an Olympic gold medal (2000).

What NBA teams have most NBA titles?

Boston 17

What NBA basketball player played for the most teams in NBA history?

Technically, four men are tied: Chucky Brown (played from 1989-2002), Tony Massenburg (1990-2005), Jim Jackson (1992-2006) and Joe Smith (1995-present) were all on the active rosters of twelve different NBA franchises. Tony Massenburg has also had two separate terms with two teams, and as well as playing on two European teams, and thus could arguably be called the most well-travelled of the three men. Smith could still surpass them all if he leaves the LA Lakers (his current team) and joins another team, giving him 13 teams.

Who has played the most minutes in NBA history?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 57,446 points

Which NBA teams have never played for a NBA championship?

los campeches de lumpeca

How many teams played in 2000 in the NBA?


What is the total number of players who have ever played in the NBA?

Jordan Jamal neely

What NBA teams were in the 2006 NBA playoffs?

Dallas and heat played in the finals then the HEAT WON

What is the most points scored in an NBA game by both teams?

The most points scored in a NBA game was by the Detroit Pistons and Denver Nuggets in a game played in 1983. The Pistons won 186-184 in three overtimes.

What is the most overtimes in an NBA playoff series?

Thursday's triple-overtime cliffhanger marked the seventh extra period the Bulls and Celtics have played, setting a NBA record for overtimes in a single series. {| |+ Most Overtimes in a Playoff Series, NBA History |- | Year Teams OTs 2009 Celtics vs. Bulls 7 1957 Celtics vs. Hawks 4 1953 Celtics vs. Nationals 4 |}

How many games are left in the NBA?

It depends on which team because some teams have played more than others, but most teams have eight to ten games left until the playoffs.

Who are coaches that played in the NBA finals and coached NBA finals teams?

Phil Jackson and Pat Riley

What NBA teams played in 1997?

The Utah Jazz and Chicago Bulls in the 1997 NBA Championship Game.

What NBA teams has Derrick Fisher played for?

lakers! lakers!

How many nba teams has Kevin ollie played for?