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wigan athletic

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Q: Who has never been relegated from the top division?
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How long have arsenal been in the top division?

Arsenal have never been relegated.

Has Chelsea fc ever been relegated?

they have been relegated before the change of English top division football.they never been relegated in premier league...

What team has never been relegated from top flight football?

Liverpool ========================= Liverpool have been relegated. The only team never relegated from the top division are Wigan Athletic. Promoted in 2005. Currently in danger of relegation.

Which teams have always been in the top division in English football?

Arsenal have never been relegated from top division under the name of Arsenal F.C

What premier league club has never been relegated from top division?

The club is Arsenal. No it's not, arsenal were relegated in 1920's, it's actually Wigan athletic

What football team has never been out of top division?

Man u Untrue, they were relegated from the top division in 1974, returning a year later. Not their first relegation either.

Have Aston villa ever been relegated?

Yes they have been relegated from the top flight and even to the third division. They were relegated in 1936, 1959, 1967, 1969,1987 (to the Third Division) and in 2015 to the Football League Championship.

Have Everton ever been relegated?

It's often said that Everton have never been relegated, but it just isn't true. They were relegated to the second division in 1931 and came straight back up the following year. They were also relegated in 1951, and came back to the top flight in 1954. They have spent more seasons in English Footballs top division than any other club (104 out of 109 season in total) and have the second longest unbroken run in the top flight. Arsenal have the longest, as they were promoted in 1919 (under suspicious circumstances) and have not been relegated since.

Which football clubs have never been relegated?

None, but Everton have lasted the longest among the clubs currently in the EPL. Everton were relegated in the late 1920's and again in the early 50's. Arsenal are actually the longest running club in the EPL, having been voted into the top division in 1919 and never having been relegated since.

Have Chelsea ever been relegated from the top division?

Chelsea were relegated from the Football League First Division in the 1987-88 season, finishing in eighteenth place, and were promoted from the Second Division in the 1988-89 season, finishing 17 points clear at the top of the Second Division table.

Which teams have never been relegated from the premiership?

Possibly Everton has never been relegated. Arsenal was relegated after the 1912-1913 season Everton did go down, in 1930, spending one season in Division 2, and again in 1951, returning to stay in the top division after three seasons away. If you're looking at the Premiership only, then a few teams fit the bill (e.g. Arsenal, Everton, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd, etc). If you're looking at the top flight since its inception in 1888, then there is only one team who've never been relegated from it... Wigan Athletic, who've been there since 2005.

Which English football club has never been relegated?

Wigan & Hull (from the top flight).

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