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Q: Who has more players in the NFL Oklahoma or usc NFL?
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What collage has more NFL first round players pick in the NFL draft?


Which college has the most NFL players?


How many active NFL players are from USC?


What university has the most active players in the NFL?


How many USC players are in the NFL?

None. USC is not an NFL team. Perhaps you should be asking how many FORMER USC players are in the NFL. The answer to that would be... um... a lot. reggie bush, Carson palmer, mark sanchez, clay matthews(i think)...

Which NCAA team has the most players in the NFL?

The USC Trojans

College with most nfl players all time?


Who has the most players in the NFL - Michigan or USC?

Michigan - 39 USC - 28 This as of 9/20/07

How many current players from USC are in the NFL now?

The University of Southern California Trojans has one of the most recognizable college football teams in the country. There are currently 53 former USC players in the NFL.

What colleges have had the most NFL players drafted since 2000?


How many USC players were drafted in the 2010 NFL draft?


What were the results of all USC vs Oklahoma football games?

USC leads the all time series 5-2-1 with 1 game vacated. 1) 1963 - Oklahoma 17, USC 12 2) 1964 - USC 40, Oklahoma 14 3) 1971 - Oklahoma 33, USC 20 4) 1973 - USC 7, Oklahoma 7 5) 1981 - USC 28, Oklahoma 24 6) 1982 - USC 12, Oklahoma 0 7) 1988 - USC 23, Oklahoma 7 8) 1992 - USC 20, Oklahoma 10 9) 2005 - USC 55, Oklahoma 19 (Orange Bowl) - this win was vacated by USC after they were found to have used ineligible players during the 2004 season.

How many former USC players have played in the NFL?

1. Reggie Bush

What university has the most football players in the nfl?

Currently, the University of Southern California (commonly known as USC) has the most football players currently in the NFL, with 38 total players in the game.

What college football teams have had the most players drafted in the NFL since 1988?


Could you list the colleges with most active players in NFL?

USC, Texas, Florida

What college football team has most nfl players with a Super Bowl win?


How many college players drafted by the NFL during Pete Carroll's career at USC?

a lot

What current NFL team has the most former Trojan USC players?

As of 7/9/2012 the Seattle Seahawks have 6 former USC players on their roster. If you check on USC's official website, ( it shows the number of active former USC players currently in the NFL. However, this website doesn't update very often. I just looked at it, and noticed that they have players from the 2011 season still listed on teams that they no longer play for.

The top ten college produced most nfl players in last twenty years?

Usc, texas, notre dame, Ohio state, Michigan, Florida, Florida state, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Penn state

What college has the most drafted NFL players?

As of 2010 Notre Dame had 462 players drafted. USC (Southern California) was second with 461 drafted players

Which NCAA school has produced the most nfl hall of fame players?

The University of Southern California has had more NFL Hall of Fame inductees than any of college. There have been eleven inductees from USC to date.

Which team all time has put the most players in the NFL?

Through the 2008 season, that is Notre Dame with 496 players that have been on an NFL roster for at least one game. Second is USC at 417.

Which five NCAA teams have the most active players in the NFL how many?


Who are former usc players in the NFL?

Matt Leinart is with the Cardinals,Reggie Bush is with the Saints,And Carson Palmer is on the Bengals.