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Q: What college football teams have had the most players drafted in the NFL since 1988?
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What college football teams have had the most players drafted in the first three rounds of the NFL since 1984?


How many University of Texas college football players have gone on to play in the NFL?

Since the Draft was instituted in 1936 311 Texas players have been drafted.

Which college has had the most players drafted since 2000?

Ohio State

What college has had the most players drafted since the year 2000?

Ohio State

What is the average education level of American football players?

I have to assume that you are talking about NFL professional players. Since most of them come from college football teams, most have a college education.

Which college has had the most football players in the NFL since the inception of the NFL?

AnswerSouthern Cal

What colleges have had the most NFL players drafted since 2000?


How many college football players have 2000 yards passing and 1000 yards rushing?

It has been done 10 times by 8 different players, all since 2001.

Where is training or schooling for NFL football players?

Players who wind up in the NFL have usually played football since they were young children. They play in pee wee leagues, junior leagues, junior high school, high school, and college. Many current players and former players run football camps, usually during the summer, where young men can go to learn more about playing football.

What did Kobe Bryant study in college?

He didn't go to college since he was drafted to the NBA straight from high school.

How many NFL players get injured in a year?

Well from watching these football players play probably hundreds since football is such a physical sport.

What college has the longest streak of players drafted in the NFL draft?

florida state is not even close to the right answer. Their last undrafted year was 1983. The longest streak I could find at is USC. They've had someone drafted every year since 1947. Second place was Notre Dame, since 1956.

Can you list college football national football championships by conference since 1936?

ummmmm no

How many Major League Baseball players came from NAIA?

Since 2006 231 NAIA players have been drafted in the Summer Amateur Draft.

Who are the top 15 winningest college football teams since 2001?

USC is the winningest football school since 2001

Most college football wins since 1990?


Most college football wins since 2000?


Winningest college football programs since 1925?


Most wins since 2008 in college football?


Do most football players have familes?

Yes, most football players do have families, parents, brothers, sisters, other blood relatives, wives, sons, daughters. Since most football players are men, almost none are women who have a husband.

What is bigger a NFL ball or college ball?

The NFL football is bigger. It is harder to hold onto and harder for quarterbacks to throw since it is bigger. Since they are pros and the best players in the world the NFL ball is bigger.

What is the ranking of college football teams that send players to the nfl?

Since 1999- Ohio State-70, 17 first round Miami-65, 27 first round

Who was on the 2000 college of Charleston football team?

No one, as that team did not exist. The College of Charleston has not fielded a football team since the early 1900s.

What college has the most NCAA football wins since 2002?


What college football team has the least losses since 2000?