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Peter Shilton (goalkeeper) with 125.

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Q: Who has had the most caps for England?
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Which Qpr player has the most England caps?

David Andrews has the most caps for a QPR England player - 75.

Who has the most under 21 caps for England?

James Milner, 37 caps

Which England player has the most caps?

Peter Shilton A goalkeeper has 125 caps

Who has won most international soccer caps for England?

peter shilton 125 caps

Who is the british football player with the most international caps?

Peter Shilton has the most caps for England (125 or 126) although I suspect it may be an Irish player. Definately Peter Shilton 126 caps for England

Who has most England caps?

Peter Shilton has 125 caps followed by David Beckham with 115

Who has won the most international soccer caps for England?

Peter Shilton - 125 Caps (I Think!!)

How many England caps has Man U had?

Man utd have the most ever England caps with 127 players, of which 88 in the modern game

What club has produced the most England caps?

Aston villa

How many England caps does John Terry have?

51 England caps.

Who has played the most games for England?

peter shilton 129 caps

Who was the youngest player to get fifty caps for England?

It is most Bobby Charlton.

How many caps for England has steven Gerrard had?

72 senior England caps.

Most capped England footballer at international level?

The most capped England international player is Peter Shilton with 125 Caps.

Who is the most capped England player?

It is Peter Shilton , a goalkeeper who has 126 caps.

Who is most capped goalkeeper?

Peter Shilton (England), with 125 caps. Second comes Pat Jennings (Northern Ireland) with 119 caps.

Most capped England under 21 player?

James Milner, 46 Caps

Most capped England outfield player not to score?

Gary Neville - 85 caps

How caps has beckham got?

David Beckham has 107 caps for England.

Who has been capped the most times for the England football team?

Peter Shilton with 146 caps.

How many England caps does Dean Ashton have?

The following is a list of appearances and goals for West Ham's Dean Ashton ; * England U17 (1 Cap, 1 Goal) * England U19 (6 Caps, 5 Goals) * England U20 (2 Caps, 0 Goals) * England U21 (9 Caps, 4 Goals) * England Senior First Team (1 Cap, 0 Goals)

Who has won the most international soccer caps for Scotland?

England or Chelsea or Liverpool I think it is Kenny Dalglish.

How many caps does Frank Lampard have for england?

16 caps when he was on the U-21 team 93 caps 21-present

What are the number on England cricket caps?


How many caps has David Beckham won for England?

David Beckham has over 107 caps.