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Gary Neville - 85 caps

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Q: Most capped England outfield player not to score?
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Who is the most capped football player never to score a goal?

As of 2012, the male player with the most caps and with no international goals is Saudi Arabian Mohamed Al-Deayea, who has 178 international caps. Counting only outfield players, Aide Iskandar, a retired Singaporean defender with 121 international caps, is the most capped outfield player who failed to score a single international goal.

How many goals did Paul Scholes score for England?

he was capped 66 for England scoring 14 goals

Which England football captain did not score a goal for England?

The player is Sir Bobby Moore.

Who is the only player to score a hattrick in a world cup final?

Geoff Hurst of England is the only player to score a hat trick in the world cup finals, it was in 1966 in England.

Who the last player to score a hatrick for England?

Theo Walcott

Who was first black player to score for England?

Luther Blissett was the first black player to score for England. He got a hat trick in their 9-0 victory in 1982 over Luxembourg.

Who was the first person to score a goal for England in the world cup?

Stan Mortensen was both the first player to score for England in a FIFA World Cup qualifying campaign in which England won against Wales (4-1) and the first England player to score in the proper tournament in which England won defeating Chile (2-0).

Who was the last England player to score at the old wembley?

Tony Adams

Which Player has scored a hatrick for England?

The only player to score a hat trick for England is Geoff Hurst verses West Germany in 1966.

Who was player to score test triple century?

The first player to score a test triple century was Andy Sandham for England against the West Indies in 1930.

Who was first black football player to score for england?

The first black player to score for England in a full international was Luther Blissett. He achieved this, scoring a hat-trick, playing against Luxembourg, on 15 December, 1982.

What does home run mean?

it means a player hit the ball over the outfield fence and he gets to round the bases and score

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