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The second most capped Spanish player is Xavi Hernandes.

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Q: Who is the second most capped Spanish football player?
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Who is arsenal's second most capped player?

Ian wright is the second most caped player for Arsenal.

Second most capped welsh rugby player?

Gareth Llewellyn.

Who is the only professional player in the Andorran national football team?

Marc Bernaus. Plyes for Elche in the Spanish Second Divison.

What was the average football player salary in 1920?

Football players' wages were capped at £9/week in 1920. However, the maximum wage soon dropped and didn't increase again until after the Second World War. Sourced from:

Who is the second youngest football player?

Steffan Cook.

Who is the second best football player?

If you mean American football i don't know, but if you mean just football the answer would be Messi or Ronaldo. It would be one of these to players because there is a debate going on about which player is better. Personally i think Ronaldo is better therefore, my opinion is Messi is the second best football player. I hope I have helped you with my answer.

Who is the second richest football player in the world?

david beckham

Who was the Second 2 million pound football player?

Was it JohanCruff.

Second African American football player at auburn university?


What player is usually the place holder on a football team?

the second string quarterback

Who is the second largest football player in the world?

Ronaldo The 1rst is Leonel Messi

Who is the 2nd greatest football player ever?

The second best player in my opinion is Johan Cruyff after Pele, and not Maradona.

What is the acceleration of a 55kg football player who has a force of 110N?

The player's acceleration is 2 meters per second squared.

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08 model is capped at 13 on semi 09 model is capped at 15 on semi

How long does it take for a football player to become a vet?

After their second yr. (sophmore yr.)

Who was the first football player to win golden boot and for the second time?

ally mccoist - rangers

Who is the second youngest football player 2 score a goal in the world cup?

He is Stephen Cook.

Who are the most famous sports players in fance?

if you mean France, then that will be zen eldin zidan an Uncompanionable football player, he used to play for the Italian Juventus and the Spanish Real Madrid where he wan the UEFA, which is the second most dreamed by any football player after the World Cup which he won too in 1998. for the knowledge his transfer deal from Juventus to Real Madrid cost about 66,000,000$

Who was the second 1 million pound player in English football?

Steve Daley wolves to man city

Who starts off the Football game?

Ok, in football the referee will toss a coin and then ask a player if he wants to kick off with possession first half or second half.

When Did American Football Start?

Football started when this person named john gorge took the place. second it started with John Madden. The best football player ever. Football started in 1933. With the first team made San fransico 49ers.

Who is the second best football player in the world?

The answer is largely subjective. You need to define the criteria and then make a decision for yourself.

Which player earn more salary anualy totally?

In Indian cricket team dhoni and tendulkkar getting more money than football players anually. Dhoni is raice between cricket and football money player. Cris-ronaldo second position money player.

Is Ronaldiniho the worlds best football player?

No. Ronaldinho had his fame and his era is passing now. The current worlds best player is Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is in a close second

Who was the first black NCAA football player?

Charles Follis, with the Shelby Athletic Club in 1902. When Follis retired from professional football in 1906, he was replaced that same year by Charles "Doc" Baker, the second African-American pro-football player. Baker played two years as a running back with the Akron Indians.