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Roy Williams of UNC.

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Q: Who has coached 2 different teams to the Final 4?
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The Redskins new Head Coach Jim Zorn which 2 NFL teams has he coached with?

Seattle Seahawks (2 different times) and Detroit Lions

Has any head coach won two super bowls for two different teams?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, no. There have been head coaches that have coached two different teams in the Super Bowl but none that have won with two different teams. Don Shula coached both the Baltimore Colts and the Miami Dolphins in the Super Bowl. He lost with the Colts and won 2 out of 5 with the Dolphins. Mike Holmgren coached the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl. He won 1 of 2 with the Packers and lost with the Seahawks. Dick Vermeil coached the Philadelphia Eagles and the St. Louis Rams in the Super Bowl. He lost with the Eagles and won with the Rams. Bill Parcells coached the New York Giants and New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. He won 2 of 2 with the Giants and lost with the Patriots. Dan Reeves coached the Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl. He lost 3 of 3 with the Broncos and lost with the Falcons.

Which 2 NBA teams did the legendary Phil Jackson coach?

He coached the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers.

What 2 english teams played in the champion league final?

no English teams have ever played each other in the final

How many teams are left in the semi finals?

If a final is between 2 teams, a semifinal must be between 4 teams.

How many teams in the rugby world cup quarter finals?

A final requires just 2 teams A semifinal requires 4 teams (the 2 wining trams make it to the final) A quarter final must deliver 4 teams to compete in the semi final and thus there need to be 8 teams competing - no more, no less. This is true for ALL "finals" of two team sports, no matter how large the competition.

Are there any olympic skating teams dating?

yes 2 Americans are from 2 different teams

Name the coaches that have two different teams in the Super Bowl and the teams they coached?

1) Don Shula - Colts and Dolphins 2) Dick Vermeil - Rams and Eagles 3) Bill Parcells - Giants and Patriots 4) Dan Reeves - Falcons and Broncos 5) Mike Holmgren - Seahawks and Packers

Who are the final 2 teams in ncaa March Madness 2013?

Michigan and Louisville

What state has had most teams in the history of the NCAA tournament?

North Carolina has had the most Final Four teams, with UNC going to 18 Final Fours, Duke 15, and NC State 2, for a total of 35 teams.

What does the sweet 16 mean in college basketball?

There are 32 games for each conference. Then when there are 16 teams left, they all play each other until there are 8 teams. Then the 8 teams play for the final 4. And then the final 4 play, and the final 2 play for the Championship.

When was the last time first and second seed teams reached the Final Four and what teams were they?

I believe that it was #1 UCLA and #2 Michigan.

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