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I believe that it was #1 UCLA and #2 Michigan.

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Q: When was the last time first and second seed teams reached the Final Four and what teams were they?
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What four teams reached the final four in 2008?

Kansas Memphis North Carolina UCLA

European teams that have reached the final of every world cup except which two years?

1930 and 1950.

Which teams reached the final of the fa cup 2007?

it was Chelsea and Manchester United that played in the 2007 fa cup final at wembley stadium in an intense MATCH!!

Which conference was first to have 3 teams in the final four?

The Big East had 3 teams in the Final Four in 1985: Georgetown, Villanova and St. John's.

How many different Big 12 teams have reached the final four in the league's 14 year history?

Six Big 12 teams have made it to the Final Four.Kansas (2002)Texas (2003), Kansas (2003) Oklahoma State (2004) Kansas (2008) Kansas (2012)

What were the first hockey teams?

Montréal AAA and the Victoria Victorians (First 2 team in the Stanley Cup final)

How many teams in quarter final rugby?

Eight teams

What were the first ice hockey teams?

Montréal AAA and the Victoria Victorians (First 2 team in the Stanley Cup final)

What teams reached the Round of 16?

The teams that qualified for the Round of 16 were as follows:UruguayKorea RepublicUnited StatesGhanaGermanyEnglandArgentinaMexicoNetherlandsSlovakiaBrazilChileParaguayJapan

How does the CFL playoff schedule work?

The playoffs work like this. The top three teams make the playoffs. In the first round, the second and third teams play in the division semi-final while the first place team gets a bye to the division final. The winner of the division semi-final plays the first place team in the division for the chance to go to the grey cup. This happens in both conferences until the grey cup where the champions of the divisions play each other for the grey cup.

What are the MLB teams from Missouri?

There are two MLB teams from Missouri. The first is the St. Louis Cardinals and the second the Kansas City Royals.

What 2 english teams played in the champion league final?

no English teams have ever played each other in the final

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