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New Jersey Nets. 2009-2010.

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Q: Who had the longest losing streak to start a season in the NBA?
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What is the longest losing streak to start an NBA season?

New Jersey Nets with an 0-18 losing streak

Which nhl team has the longest losing streak to start the season?

currently the Toronto maple leafs have the longest losing streak. They are 0 7 in 1 meaning the tied once and lost 7 games that is of October 25 and they may even have aq longer losing streak

Longest hitting streak to start a MLB season?

Robin Ventura

What was the longest losing streak an NBA team had to start off a season?

New Jersey Nets,2009-2010 They started with, 0 win and 18 loss, record.

What is the longest winning streak for Pittsburgh Pirates?

The Steelers lost four in a row at the start of the 2013 season.

What is the Atlanta Braves longest winning streak to start a season?

In 1982, The Braves won 13 in a row to begin the season.

What baseball field has the longest home run streak to start a season?

at&t park with Barry bonds on the SF Giants

What are the five longest nba losing streaks to start a season?

New Jersey Nets had, 0 win and 18 loss to start there NBA season. Then they won there first game of the NBA Season. Miami Heat had, 0 win and 17 loss to start there NBA Season. Then they won there first game of the NBA Season.

How many games have the Chicago Bears lost consecutively at Lambeau Field?

they like ball too As of the start of the 2007 season, the Bears have a three game winning streak at Lambeau after losing three straight there between 2001-2003.

What is the longest unbeaten start for a nhl season?

the maple leafs started the 92-93 season with 10 straight wins

What is Yale's all time longest winning streak in football?

37 - 1890-1893 and again from 1887-1889. They were also unbeaten in 48 streak games but had 1 tie from 1885-1889.

What is the longest road winning streak in mlb history?

The Philadelphia Phillies won 18 straight road games in 2008 The Detroit Tigers had 21 straight road games in 1983/1984. (4 at the end of the year and then 17 to start the 84 season.