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No one they are the governing body of all international competition in Track and Field

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Q: Who governs the Track and field body the IAAF?
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What is the international governing body for track and field?

The international governing body for track and field athletics is the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) it was formerly the International Amateur Athletics Federation.

What is the name of the local and international organizations responsible for the sport track and field?

the international governing body for track and field is the IAAF which is the International Association of Athletics Federations. because internationally track and field is known as Athletics

What is the association that supervises track events?

In the United States, the overall governing body is USA Track & Field. However, each state has HS and other school associations, and each national collegiate association governs their own competitions. For example, in the state of Texas, there are 3 different HS associations that cover the whole state. UIL governs public schools, TAPPS governs most private and parochial schools and SPC governs the prep schools. SPC also includes a handful of prep schools in Oklahoma, so technically it isn't limited to just Texas schools. Internationally, the IAAF governs the Olympics, World Championships and other international track meets. Each country has their own association that governs track events and international competition selection meets.

What muscles are used in track and field running?

Track and Field is a full body workout.

What is the national governing body for athletics?

The national governing body of atletics is the IAAF.

Which international body is responsible for athletics?

The IAAF is responsible for athletics

What does the acronym USATF stand for?

USATF refers to USA Track and Field. It is the United States national governing body for the sports of track and field, distance running and race walking.

What strecthes do you do for track and field?

A full body stretch would be beneficial seeing as you use your whole body during a race.

What are the Rules for competitors in the track and field event of high jump?

your body must not touch the bar

What is the law making body that governs England?


What track and field is like?

Track and Field is all about pushing your body to the next limit, while winning points for the entire team. It is a hard feeling sense you are pushing yourself, but a feeling of self fulfillment when you accomplish your goals.

Should you eat healthy when you're in Track and Field?

yes, healthy food properly fuels your body for exercise.

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