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A decathlon is ten event, in order

Day 1


Long Jump

Shot Put

High Jump

400 m

Day 2



Pole Vault



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In the Olympics, there are 17 Track and Field events, plus two relays, two walks for men and the Marathon. There are many other non-Olympic level track and field events, the entire list of imperial distance (yards) events (aside from the mile) was removed from official status where the IAAF (the world wide governing body) decided to no longer keep records. That doesn't mean those are no longer events. So you have to define the list of events you are questioning first.

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Q: In decathlon which event is not included in decathlon?
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How many trach and field event are included in the decathlon?

A decathlon is, in orderDay 1100mLong JumpShot PutHigh Jump400 mDay 2110HDiscusPole VaultJavelin1500mRead more: What_are_the_olympic_field_events_in_the_decathlon

How many event are olone in decathlon?

how many event make up a decathlon

What is a 10 event athletics contest?

A decathlon :)

What is a tenth of a decathlon?

A monoathlon or an 'event'.

How many event's are there in a decathlon?


What is the final throwing event in the decathlon?

Javelin, which is the 9th of the 10 events performed in a decathlon.

How many event throwing event are there in decathlon?

3 events.

What is last activity of decathlon?

The last event in a track and field decathlon is the 1500 meter run.

What is men ten event competition?


What is ten event competition for women?


What is the difference between Heptathlon and Decathlon?

Heptathlon includes seven events and only women compete. Decathlon is the male version.

How many throwing events are in the decathlon?

Three throwing event are in the decathlon-Shot PutDiscus ThrowJavelin Throw