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Billy Wright and Bobby Moore both have the most with 90 each. Then it's Bryan Robson with 65 and David Beckham with 58.

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Q: Who got the most England caps as captain?
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How caps has beckham got?

David Beckham has 107 caps for England.

How many England caps has Ashley cole got?


How many England caps has Joe hart got?


How many caps has steven gerrard got for england?

100 capd

Where did captain James Cook Get married?

Captain James Cook got married in England.

How many test caps has jimmy anderson got?

Including the current 2000th Test between England an India at Lords, 2011, James Michael "Jimmy" Anderson has won 60 test caps, placing him 45th on the list of most capped English players. Alec Stuart leads the way with 133 England caps.

What south African player has got the most caps?

Percy Montgomery 102 Caps

Which player has got most caps for man utd?

Ryan giggs had the most caps From : Brian oldham

What does football caps mean?

You get a cap when you play for your National team. David Beckham got 100 caps because he played 100 games for England.

How many caps did colin viljohn get for England?

Colin got two caps for England in 1975 against Northern Ireland & Wales. He told me himself when we became pals in South Africa coaching together.

How many international caps has david beckham got?

Becks has been capped by England 115 times

Who got the most English cricket caps?

alec Stewart in test matches

How many caps has Gareth bale got for wales?

He had got 4 caps for Wales U21's and has currently got 24 caps for the Wales 1st team.

Did Gary lineker ever captain England?

Yes Gary Lineker became captain after Bryan Robson got injured in the1990 world cup.

Has pennant played for his country?

He has made 24 appearances for the under 21 side but hasn't got any full caps for England.

How many rugby caps has jonny wilkinson got?

158 for Newcastle 18 for toulon 86 for England and 6 for the british and Irish lions

How many caps has ronaldinho got?

Ronoldhino has 89 caps.

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Replacement caps for the legs of your swing can be purchased at most home improvement stores. You can also probably buy them at the same place you got the swing from.

Who got 85 caps for Holland?

At the moment, Dirk Kuijt has 85 caps.

Who is the captain of the England football team in the soccer world cup this year in south Africa?

After John Terry was sacked, Rio Ferdinand was given the Captains Armband. But, after he got injured during training in a tussle with Emile Heskey, Steven Gerrard is the Captain of England at the World Cup.

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Why did Captain John Smith leave Jamestown?

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How many caps has arshavin got?

Andrei Arshavin has a total of 344 caps in his senior career.

Has Heurelho Gomes got any international caps?

From 2003- Present he has 9 caps for Brazil.

How many caps has Jonah Lomu got?

Jonah Lomu has play 63 caps as an All Black player