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Q: Who got sent off in the England vs Portugal?
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I liked it when you got Rooney sent off in the world cup?

he got sent off because Portugal were hard so he pushed this personanswerhe really got sent off because he knocked c.ronaldo

Has steven Gerrard got many red cards?

He's definitely never been sent off for England.

When did rooney win the world cup?

Rooney has never won the World Cup for England. His best result with the team was when his team made it to the Quarter-Finals, only to agonizingly lose to Portugal on penalties after he was sent off.

Who was the first England footballer to be sent off in an international match in England?


Who got sent off at world cup 1970?

No players were sent off in the 1970 world cup tournament

When did Gandhi get sent off to school in England?

in 1888

Which of the New England colonies sent fur to England so England could pay off their many debts?

England is great

Who got sent off at world cup 2002?

The Italian sstriker Fransesco Totti got sent of in the world cup 2002.

What area was claimed for Portugal after an explorer was thrown off course?

Pedro Alvares Cabral was sailing under the flag of Portugal, heading to India. He got blown off-course and ended up on the coast of Brazil, which he claimed for Portugal.

Who was the first footballer to be sent off playing for England?

alan mullery

Who got subbed when jens Lehman got sent off in the champions league final?


Did wolves use to live in England?

yes but they were all sent off or hunted

How many times has David Becham been sent off for England?


Which English players have been sent off in the world cup?

It was David Beckham verses Argentina and Wayne Rooney verse Portugal.

Vanessa got kicked off High School Musical?

yes she has because she sent a naked picture of her and sent it to google!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many times Eric cantona sent off in premiership?

Eric Cantona got sent of 6 times in the premiership.

How was north carolinas founding funded?

they were sent over the seas from England by the queen after consulting the queen she had finally said yes and they were sent off to find the new world; so basically by the queen of England.

Zinedine zidane the footballer that got sent off in 2006?

Zinedine Zidane got sent of in the 2oo6 world cup final match with Italy for head butting Marco Materrazzi.

What best explains why Portugal got off to an earlier start in exploration than the rest of Europe?

The biggest reason was that Portugal had Prince Henry who founded a school for navigators and favored sailors.

Who got sent off for Manchester United in the Champions League this week?

Jonny Evans.

Who is the first England sub to be sent off?

God knows!

Who was the first England footballer to be sent off in a world cup finals game in 1986?

Ray Wilkins.

Was Henry Hudson Henry the navigator?

No. Henry the Navigator was the monarch of Portugal in the middle 15th century who sent off many Portuguese expeditions of discovery to Africa and India. Henry Hudson was actually Hendrick Hudsun, a Dutch adventurer in the employ of Bristol (England) merchants who discovered New York in the 16th century.

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He got rejected by the woman he loved, he cut off his own ear and sent it to her.

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the Jews were separated by woman and men. If you were an elder you were sent with the woman and the babies that couldn't work to the gas chambers as soon as you got of off the train and the men and boys were sent to work camps