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Q: Who gets to serve in a game of badminton?
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How do you start the game badminton?

You volley for serve just like volleyball

How is badminton scored?

badminton is scored in ones. if you loose the point the opposition gets a point. here are some of the ways that you can loose a point: not a diagonal serve, short serve, miss the shuttlecock, out of the court.

How many serves does the server receive if they fault the first serve in badminton?

Well the server gets only one serve, if he or she misses then it is the opposing team's serve.

In badminton what happens if a player touches the net during a rally?

The other team gets the point and the other player gets to serve.

How do you lose your serve in badminton?

well, when playing badminton, you always serve underarm. If you serve over arm, then you lose the serve.

In badminton what happens if your partner hits the birdie that was served to you?

You redo the serve and the other team gets a point.

How do you serve in badminton?

In Badminton you serve by throwing the shutle into the air and then hit it under arm

How does a badminton game begin?

A badminton game usually begins with a toss-up where one player (doesn't matter who) will hit the birdie (or shuttlecock) straight into the air and let it fall on the ground. The shuttlecock will roll and whichever side the shuttlecock's head (the end without the feathers) is pointing gets to start the game with a serve.

Foul serve in badminton?

in badminton you serve from the line closest to the net an you must serve underarm. overarm or not from the line is a foul serve.

What year did badminton start?

It began in the middle of the 1700s. It was launched as a 'propper' sport in 1873 when it was played at Badminton House, which is where the game gets its name from.

What are the new rules for badminton?

That whenever you hit the shuttle cock out or it hits the net your opponent gets a point, and there is no second serve

What is a side in in badminton?

A loss of serve

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