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Well the server gets only one serve, if he or she misses then it is the opposing team's serve.

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Q: How many serves does the server receive if they fault the first serve in badminton?
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What does a service judge do in badminton?

If the umpire or a player suspects that someone has an illegal serve, a Service Judge would be brought to the court for the duration of the match. A service judge is simply another umpire who is trained to identify illegal serves. The service judge watches all the servers and calls "fault" upon seeing an illegal serve. Upon hearing the fault call, the umpire reports that a service fault has been called and indicates the next server and the score.

What is the difference between a let and fault of badminton?

a let is when you give them a point and a fault is when thay force you.

What does a referre do in badminton?

judge who gets a point, if its in or out, if its a fault etc.

What kinds of fault are there in badminton?

stepping over the line. incorrect serve.

What is the foot fault rule in the game of Badminton?

For the beginning of every point, the server has two chances to get a serve in the correct service box. If on the first serve the ball is called a fault, then it is second serve. If on the second serve there is a let, then it is still the second serve, and the server may redo the serve.

What is “a fault” in tennis?

A missed serve is called a fault. When she/ he serve is a fault if the server swings and misses the ball

Why can't the birdie land before the service line in badminton?

because then it would be out, or a fault.

If a person fails to get their two serves in tennis what is it called?

It is called double-fault when you miss both of your serves. You lose a point then.

What is the difference between a let and a fault in badminton?

A let is when you get forced into giving them 3 points and a fault is when you smash it at the net, and technical fouls are also faults.

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