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Q: Who gets to play at home in NFL playoffs?
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How much money does an NFL player get for the playoffs?

A NFL player gets their regular salary during the playoffs

How does a nfl team get a first round bye in playoffs?

A team gets the first round bye in the playoffs if it has one of the top two records in its conference.

If the Vikings beat the Cowboys who do the Cowboys play next?

The format of the NFL playoffs is single elimination. Lose and you go home.

Oldest nfl quarterback to play in the playoffs?

Brett farve

If Baltimore wins in the NFL playoffs who will they play next?


Who do the Packers play in the Playoffs?

The Green Bay Packers played the Arizona Cardinals in one of the tightest match ups in NFL playoffs history, but lost in overtime 51-45. It was the highest scoring game the NFL playoffs has ever had.

What is the all time home team winning percentage in the nfl playoffs?


When was NFL Cheerleader Playoffs created?

NFL Cheerleader Playoffs was created in 2006.

when does the nfl playoffs start?

The NFL playoffs start Sunday, January 1st in 2012. Every year the playoffs for the NFL start at the same time. Then the playoffs continue even up to and past January 8th 2012.

Is it true that in the NFL the two division winners with the best records gets a bye in the playoffs and the other two division winners would get a home game?

Check for league rules and more info.

What percentage of NFL games are won by the home team?

The NFL's regular season HFA is 57%--the home team wins 57 out of 100 times. But in the playoffs it's 68%.

Is a wildcard the same as playoffs?

In the NFL, yes. The wildcard round is the first round of the NFL Playoffs.

In the NFL playoffs why is it called Divisional Round when teams from same division can't play each other?

Only in MLB can the teams from the same division not play each other, and that's only in the first round of playoffs. In the NFL, I think it's called the Divisional round because in theory, only divisional champs will be remaining in the playoffs after Wildcard Weekend.

What NFL teams have never been in playoffs?

the only current nfl team to never go to the playoffs is the Houston Texans ... CORRECT THAT.. all nfl teams has been in the playoffs

When did the NFL cardinals play in the playoffs?

The Cardinals have made the playoffs in 6 seasons: 1947, 1948, 1974, 1975, 1982, 1998 They won the NFL championship in 1947 and were the champs in 1925, prior to the NFL instituting a playoff for the championship (the NFL began playoffs in 1933).

Who did dallas play in the 2007 NFL playoffs?

The Cowboys lost a divisional playoff to the New York Giants.

When are the NFL 2010 playoffs going to start?

January 8th is the first 2010 play off game

Which NFL teams that made it to the playoffs?

I am no expert, but im sure every NFL team has made it to the playoffs, the houston texans have recently made it to the playoffs, so it cant be them.

Do NFL employees get paid if the team they work for makes the playoffs?

do nfl employees get paid if the team they work for make the playoffs

Are there NFL teams that won their divisions but did not go to the playoffs?

No, NFL rules state that a division winner has an automatic place in the playoffs.

Has an NFL team ever went undefeated in it's division yet fail to make the playoffs?

Yes. The only team in the NFL to ever go undefeated and untied in division play without making the playoffs was the 2010 Oakland Raiders, who finished the year third in the AFC West division (and out of the playoffs) at 8-8-0, despite going 6-0-0 in division play.

Can two nfl teams from the same division play for the conference championship in the playoffs?

yes because they have the best two teams in the conference and they go. then the teams with the best record go to playoffs

How are the NFL playoffs scheduled?

The last seeded team will play the first seeded team, and so on and so on until there isn't a matchup of teams to play.

What is the percentage the home team wins in the NFL playoffs?

It's about 56 - 57 percent every regular season

How many nfl teams started 1-3 and made playoffs?

how many 1-3 teams went to playoffs nfl