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Q: If Baltimore wins in the NFL playoffs who will they play next?
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How many playoff wins do the Baltimore Ravens have?

The Baltimore Ravens are 8-5 in the NFL Playoffs, including the Super Bowl.

What NBA teams made the playoffs with losing records?

What NBA teams made the playoffs with more loses than wins

How many wins did the Tennessee Titans have in 2003?

Twelve in the regular season, one (over Baltimore Ravens) in the playoffs.

How many NFL playoffs wins did Joe Montana have?

Joe Montana has 16 wins in the playoffs

Who do the falcons play in the 2010 playoffs?

Either New Orleans or Seattle (depending on who wins the game this Saturday!).

In what year did the Tennessee Titans have the most wins?

The 2008 Tennessee Titans tied their record for the most number of wins. Their record was 13-3 at the end of the season. The Titans eventually fell to the Baltimore Ravens in the playoffs.

Who made the playoffs and had the fewest wins in NBA history?

16-54 (.229) by the Baltimore Bullets in 1952-53 season while the Phoenix Suns in the 1971-72 season missed the playoffs with a 49-33 (.598) record.

Did the Houston oilers ever play in any playoffs?

Yes. They have played in 19 playoff seasons with 14 wins.

How many times have the patriots been in the playoffs?

They have made the playoffs nineteen times with 20 playoff wins and three Superbowl wins.

Which Celtics coach had the most wins?

Red Auerbach had 1037 wins including playoffs.

How many wins do you need to be in the playoffs in the NFL?

There is no rule for how many wins are needed to be in the playoffs. The more wins the better but, the team only needs to be a division leader and therefore automatically given a playoff spot.

Most wins in NFL?

Chicago Bears, as of start of 2011 season, 704 Regular Season wins, 721 including Playoffs. Green Bay Packers are second with 664 Regular Season wins, 693 including Playoffs. NY Giants are third with 636 Regular Season wins, 656 including Playoffs. Pittsburg Steelers are fourth with 546 Regular Season wins, 579 including Playoffs. source: NFL

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