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Derrick Turner. The best Basketball player ever from St. Louis

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Q: Who founded And1 basketball?
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What does mean and1?

it is a basketball team and it is a basketball company too . It was borned in 1993

Who is the Best team in basketball in 2008 is?

United States no its and1

How do you get one point in basketball?

get a foul, miss the AND1 and make 1 of the 2 free throws

What are some famous basketball moves?

If you dont know any famous basketball moves go to and there you will see some very tite moves!!!

Are Nike Blazer Highs made for basketball?

Yes, yes they are, but i prefer using jordans or AND1 shoes.

What year was basketball founded?

Basketball was founded in 1891.

When was Marquette Basketball founded?

Marquette Basketball or Marquette Golden Eagles Men's Basketball formerly the Marquette Warriors was founded in 1916. It played for a national title in 1974 but lost.

When was the American basketball association founded?

The ABA was founded in 1967

Where was basketball founded?


When was the PBA basketball team founded?

The PBA, or Philippine Basketball Association, consists of nine basketball teams. It was founded in 1979. For more information about PBA, check out their official website.

In Basketball what is an And1?

An 'And1' occurs when a player from one team goes for a shot and is fouled but still makes the shot. The player gets 2 points for making his shot, and also goes to the free throw line for ONE free throw, so they get to points AND1 free throw. And sometimes, a player get fouled from beyond the ark ( three point line) and get fouled and still makes the shot, so most times it 2 for one, but some times its 3 for one

Who founded basketball?

James Naismith

In what year was the NBA founded?

The NBA was founded in 1946. June 6th 1946 as the Basketball Association of America. They changed it to the NBA in 1949 when merging with the National Basketball League.

Who is the best and1 player?

There are many great and1 players but the most recognized player is hot sauce.

When was Ohio state basketball founded?

in 1892

When was basketball founded?

In 1891 by James Naismith.

Where was the sport of basketball founded?


When was the National basketball association founded?


Who is Philip Champion?

He is a member of And1 . His nickname is Hot Sauce and he played in And1 mixtape vol 3,4,5,6 and 10

Where was the NBA founded and by whom?

The sport of Basketball was founded in Springfield, Massachetusetts by Dr. James Naismith in 1891.

When were the Pittsburgh Panthers Basketball team founded?

in juky

When did the sport basketball become popular?

Basketball was founded in 1891, but the NBA was only founded in 1946. During the mid-1950's it was a very popular college and university sport.

When was NBA found?

The National Basketball Association was founded in 1946.

What are Worst basketball teams of all time?

the worst basketball team is the charlotte bobcats they were founded in 2004 they still have no championships

In what year was the Indiana Fever Basketball League founded?

The Indiana Fever is actually a basketball team, not a league, and they play in the Eastern Conference in the Women's National Basketball Association. They were founded before the beginning of the 2000 season by Herb Simon, who also owns the Fever's NBA counterpart, the Indiana Pacers.