Are Nike Blazer Highs made for basketball?

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2014-09-13 01:10:06

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Yes, yes they are, but i prefer using jordans or AND1 shoes.

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2014-09-13 01:10:06
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Q: Are Nike Blazer Highs made for basketball?
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Are Nike blazers skate shoes?

No, in a complete sense; they are a basketball shoe. However, NikeSB have made a version of the blazer wheather it be hi-top or low that is ensured to be great for skaters designed tested and importently approved by the Nike SB team!

When were air-forces made?

It's the first basketball shoe Nike ever made in 1982.

What is the best basketball shoe out?

The new Nike Lebron shoes are certainly the best basketball shoes ever. They are the best combination of style and performance made by Nike. If you want to know more about it them, view the related link below.

Whats the best brand of basketballs?

out of my experience i think that NIKE makes the best basketball ever made !!!!!!!!

What are monster highs made of?

They are made of plastic

Where are Nike bags made?

nike is made at korea

How do Nike make their shoes and who makes them?

Shoe manufacturers in eastern Europe and southeast Asia produce the shoes for nike. for example, most of their basketball shoes are made by pou chen corp. in china

When was the first Nike basketball shoe made?

sorry,my friend ,but if you want buy nike shoes ,can ask her is cheap and good quality ,fast delivery. before i do business with her, is perfect!

When were monster highs made?

monster high

Are air force ones for baskeball?

Yes, they were the first shoe that Nike ever made for basketball back in 1982. Although they are mainly used for style nowadays, basketball players still use them to play in.

Where was the first Nike company made?

the first Nike was made in Hayward Field.

Is Nike slave made?

yes nike is slave made in china and Vietnam

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