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Marquette Basketball or Marquette Golden Eagles Men's Basketball formerly the Marquette Warriors was founded in 1916. It played for a national title in 1974 but lost.

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Q: When was Marquette Basketball founded?
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Team Name of Marquette Basketball?

Marquette is known as the Golden Eagles.

When did Marquette University win the NCAA basketball championship?

Marquette won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship in 1977.

Has marquette won a basketball NCAA championship?

1977 Marquette defeated North Carolina.

What did Dwyane Wade study at Marquette?


Who won the NCAA basketball championship in 1977?


Who was the basketball coach for Marquette in 1978?

Hank Raymonds

What is the conference that the Marquette University basketball team is apart of?

Marquette Univ is part of the Big East Conference

Who would win in a basketball game Oklahoma sooners or Marquette?

Oklahoma in NCAAM but Marquette would in NCAAW.

What year was basketball founded?

Basketball was founded in 1891.

Marquette basketball alltime leading scorer?

Jerel McNeal

Who is the NCAA basketball coach for Marquette?

Brent "Buzz" Williams

When was Marquette University founded?

1965 and bye brian cashman

Who founded the Mississippi river?

Louis Joliet and Jacques Marquette

Does lamar odom has a brother that plays basketball?

Yes he plays for marquette

Where was basketball founded?


Who was on the marquette university basketball team in 1980-1983 with doc rivers?

Artie Green

Did Dwyane Wade play college basketball?

Yes, according to DraftExpress he played at Marquette.

What does AL mean on the Marquette men's basketball uniform?

In reference to Al McGuire, the head coach of the only Marquette squad (1977) to win the National Championship.

What was the purpose of Jacques Marquette exploration?

Founded now what is the Mississippi River and Great Lake.

Was jaques marquette an explorer?

yes, he was a french explorer. he founded the great lakes i think....

When was the American basketball association founded?

The ABA was founded in 1967

Who founded basketball?

James Naismith

Why do Marquette University basketball jerseys have AL on them?

In deference to former head coach Al McGuire, the head coach of the only Marquette squad (1977) to win the National Championship.

Is Marquette University in Wisconsin an all girl school?

no actually they have a preety good boys basketball team

Is marquette college basketball in the competition?

They were knocked out just a little while ago. (NCAA Tourney 2012)