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Depends on WHICH doctor and WHICH soccer player. No one answer- sorry.

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Q: Who earns more money a doctor or a soccer player?
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What is the average amount of money a pro soccer player earns atfer playing one game?


What person earns more money salesman or doctor?

doctor earns more money than salesman

Who earns more money in dentistry?

the main doctor

How much money does soccer player Rafael Marquez make a year?

Rafael Marquez earns more than 200,000 Dollars per game.

How much money does a doctor earn in one year?

the doctor earns 500,0000 a year

Which player earns a lot of money in the world?


What kind of doctor earns the most money?

A surgeon earns the most money at $206 000 a year, $17166 a month, $4300 a week and $613 a day

How much money does Kaka make per year with his current contract with Real Madrid?

Kaka earns about thirteen million dollars per year with his current contract with Real Madrid. He is a very talented soccer player and earns every penny that he gets paid.

Who gets more money a male soccer player or a female soccer player?

The likely answer is that male soccer players will make more money. This is because male soccer has a larger audience, and therefore gets more attention from corporate sponsorships.

Who makes more money a nascar racer or a soccer player?

A NASCAR driver makes more money than a soccer player. NASCAR drivers also make a lot of money from sponsors.

How much money does a famous soccer player get?

a famous soccer player like messi will probaly get 30000$ a year l

Who earns more money pyhsiologist or pediatrcians?

Most times, a psychologist will earn more money. It can depend upon the experience of the doctor and the type of pediatrician they are.